2K is reportedly working with Lego on a trio of Lego Sports games

2K is reportedly working with Lego on a trio of Lego Sports games
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A report claims that 2K has signed an agreement with Lego to produce a number of Lego sports games.

That’s according to this exclusive by Video Games Chronicle, whom are citing people with knowledge of the publisher’s plans. According to them, the agreement already has two games that are currently underway at a pair of studios. Apparently, the first of these to arrive will be a football game by Sackboy: A Big Adventure studio Sumo Digital. This game will apparently be released later this year around November, to tie in with the FIFA World Cup.

Then, in 2023 it’s believed the next game will be a Lego racer, made by NBA 2K and WWE 2K developers Visual Concepts.  The California based studio has even put a job listing on LinkedIn, advertising for a producer role. The listing seeks someone for a “an unannounced, open world driving game with a major license”. This mysterious title is pitched as a “AAA title” that is “targeted at multiple platforms”.

According to the report, the racing game will arrive in 2023. A third title is also in development, it claims, but the subject of this one is currently unknown with the only the clue that it’s “based on a major sports franchise”. For now, we’re left to speculate what that could be. The report also claims the partnership with Lego means these games could include guest characters from other franchises, similar to 2015’s Lego Dimensions.

Currently, neither 2K nor Sumo Digital have responded to these rumours, so make of that what you will. Previously the major developer of Lego games since 2005 has been UK studio TT Games. They’re currently busy gearing up to launch Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in April. If we hear of an official announcement, we’ll let you know.