XDefiant maps list

XDefiant maps list
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With the launch of XDefiant, players can find 14 different maps to battle over. Learning maps and their layouts will help you win more games through game knowledge. It allows for better positioning, which can level the playing field when your aim may be lacking. Over time, you’ll learn routes, shortcuts, and the best spots to take positions.

The maps in XDefiant are separated into two categories. There are Arena maps for game modes Domination, Occupy, and Hot Shot. Then, there are Linear maps for game modes Escort and Zone Control. You can select maps and modes you like with the Playlist feature.

✓ at a glance
  • There are 10 arena maps to play, Arena, Attica Heights, Dumbo, Echelon HQ, Emporium, Liberty, Mayday, Nudleplex, Pueblito and Showtime.
  • There are 4 linear maps to play, Meltdown, Midway, Times Square and Zoo.
  • Devs announced three new maps per season during Year 1 of XDefiant.

XDefiant arena maps

Arena maps can be recognised by their large open areas towards the middle, funnelling players to fight over the various objectives. Many of them feature elevations and hidden corridors that allow you to make flanking manoeuvres. 

Arena map
Map from
ArenaXDefiant original
Attica HeightsGhost Recon Phantoms
DumboThe Division
Echelon HQSplinter Cell
EmporiumThe Division
LibertyThe Division 2
MaydayXDefiant original
NudleplexWatch Dogs 2
PueblitoFar Cry 6
ShowtimeXDefiant original
Xdefiant maps: a hallway in a building leads to a door with a large red panda mascot sitting against the wall in the doorway.
The enemy could be around the corner, don’t let the fuzzy mascots fool you. Captured by VideoGamer


Arena is an original XDefiant map. It’s dominated by a raised central platform, while the rest is dotted with large items that create barriers. Hallways lead around the arena, providing easy access to both teams’ spawn zones. It’s a very close-combat-oriented map favouring chaotic gameplay.

Xdefiant maps: a modern architectural space with concrete structures, stairs, lush greenery, palm trees, and a large metallic sculpture.
Stairways provide excellent high ground both outside and in. Captured by VideoGamer

Attica Heights

Attica Heights comes from Ghost Recon Phantoms. The map is set on the rooftop of a near-future Singapore skyscraper. The top part features long sightlines with some elevation mixed in. However, the lower part of the map is smaller with views to the upper part. There are tight stairwells and nooks that are tailor-made for ambushes and SMG brawls.

Xdefiant maps: a large, rusted metal phoenix sculpture with outstretched wings stands on a pedestal labeled "HOPE," surrounded by buildings, wires, and lights overhead.
The main courtyard will see plenty of battle during the match. Captured by VideoGamer


Dumbo is a map from The Division. It takes place within viewing distance of the Brooklyn Bridge. The main area is centred on an apartment building’s courtyard. However, the surrounding streets are open and ready to be fought over, and you can even take your fights inside some of the surrounding buildings and their upper floors. Many buildings have balconies and walkways, providing good high0ground positions.

Xdefiant maps: a golden winged statue is suspended within a circular frame, situated in a modern, dimly lit space with boxes stacked in the background.
Tight corridors and cramped crawl spaces are excellent for close-quarters combat. Captured by VideoGamer

Echelon HQ

Echelon HQ hails from Splinter Cell. If you like fighting in corridors and tight spaces, this will be your favourite map. Echelon’s secret facility is completely made up of corridors and hallways, with a few chambers for wider engagements. To add to the chaos, the map is dotted with even tighter ducts that you can crawl through to outflank the enemy.

Xdefiant maps: a cluttered room with a yellow machine in the center, a "COFFEE" sign on the wall, and various items and boxes scattered around.
The deserted mall has a mix of open and enclosed areas to fight over. Captured by VideoGamer


Emporium is another map from The Division. It takes place in a vacated and ransacked New York department store. The main ground floor area is the usual fighting ground. However, there is a grand stairwell (and a few smaller ones) which leads to the upper floor, providing the map with excellent verticality.

Xdefiant maps: scene with the Statue of Liberty in the background. A helicopter with "U.S. Army" is in the foreground, alongside the fallen face of the Statue of Liberty.
Long sightlines make traversing the outside areas very risky, Captured by VideoGamer


Liberty was inspired by The Division 2. Dilapidated pieces of the Statue of Liberty watch over an arena consisting of the Liberty Island Museum, propped-up barricades, and even a ferry boat. The map is a mix of open and tight areas, with several good sniping nests providing overwatch around the map. Meanwhile, barricades prevent too much open space, necessitating close-combat engagements to secure the objectives.

Xdefiant maps: a large, abandoned airplane with the U.S. Presidential Seal and "United States of America" written on it is situated in a deserted area surrounded by trees and various makeshift structures.
The ruined airplane makes for an interesting battleground. Captured by VideoGamer


Mayday is another map created specifically for XDefiant. An overgrown plane wreckage dominates the centre of this map. The fights will take place outside in the nature part, or inside the wreck where the main zones are split between the different cabins. The platforms around the plane provide vantage points, with some outside areas having barricades to duck behind.

Xdefiant maps:  a large office space with colorful decor, central lower-level printers, and a yellow slide.
Be careful in offices with multiple entry points. Captured by VideoGamer


Nudleplex comes from Watch Dogs 2. Don’t let the colourful design fool you – Nudleplex is an oddly symmetrical three-lane map. It represents an office complex with several different sections. There are both indoor and outdoor areas to fight over, with combat usually taking place inside the main offices on both sides of the map and in the open outside area between them.

Xdefiant maps: a tall, ivy-covered bell tower stands against a bright blue sky with scattered clouds.
The tropical fishing village may be beautiful, but don’t let that distract you. Captured by VideoGamer


You’ll recognize Pueblito from Far Cry 6. The map takes place in Yaran, a fishing village close to the BioVida plantation. Small single-story buildings and dusty streets of the village will be your main battleground on this map. The streets offer long sightlines, while alleys and buildings favour close-range firefights. The map is dominated by a central bell tower, which provides both a high-ground and tight avenues to go toward any point on the map.

Xdefiant maps: an astronaut rides a large animatronic dinosaur with glowing eyes and teeth a the Hollywood set.
Dinosaurs and aliens are an effective combo. Captured by VideoGamer


Showtime is an XDefiant original map. The battle takes place on a film studio lot, complete with a set built for a Western, and prop areas where you can find aliens, dinosaurs, and more. The main street of the Old West set is open and treacherous, but the studio is surrounded by passages that allow a quick and easy way to fight between the spawn zones.

XDefiant linear maps

Linear maps tend to be long and narrow, with a winding main route to fight over. They generally have lots of debris and scatter over the field which you can use for cover. Similarly, there are plenty of capillary routes that converge with the main route for flanking and ambushes.

Linear mapMap from
MeltdownXDefiant original
MidwayXDefiant original
Times SquareThe Division
ZooThe Division
Xdefiant maps: a snowy industrial area with various buildings and structures is shown with the word "MELTDOWN" overlaid in large white text.
Prepare for a serious fight right out of the gates. Captured by VideoGamer


Meltdown is another map made specifically for XDefiant. The map takes place in and around a foundry. The main route starts with a wide-open area, before progressing further into the facility. The farther you get, the narrower the combat areas become. The final portion culminates in the red-hot main foundry where the defenders have to mount a last-ditch defence from a platform.

Xdefiant maps: a hallway with red curtains at the end framing a three-headed dragon statue.
A shame we can’t play any carnival games here that don’t involve guns. Captured by VideoGamer


Midway is currently the last original XDefiant map. It takes place at a beach-side carnival, with the main route following the central boardwalk. This route is flanked on each side with separate routes that you can battle over, or if your enemy is negligent, come out behind them. The map then progresses into one of the map’s attractions, including a haunted house, an Egypt exhibition, and more.

Xdefiant maps: a military truck is parked on a street in a city with large illuminated billboards and signs.
We were caught waiting for the Times Square clock to ring. Captured by VideoGamer

Times Square

Times Square comes from The Division. Set in its New York namesake, this map is dominated by a large open avenue. This will be your main route to push the objective, however, don’t neglect the side alleys. The route briefly leads through the subway, providing a very tight battleground, before opening up to the final leg filled with boxes and scaffolding. Many small dark passages provide alternative opportunities to draw out the opponent if your team can’t fight them head-on.

Xdefiant maps: an in-game zoo environment with a countdown timer and objective: "GET INTO POSITION".
Zoo’s many attractions include lions, aquariums, and dangerous firefights. Captured by VideoGamer


Zoo is another map from The Division. As the name suggests, the map is set in a National Zoo. It starts out with a battle over the courtyard dotted with boxes to hide behind. Then, you’ll have to follow a winding main route with constant twists and turns. Besides the main route, various buildings and walkways allow teams to engage in flanking before the map culminates in another treacherous open area where the defenders have a height advantage.