XDefiant trophies, achievements, and challenges guide

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If you’ve been playing games over the years, you have probably grown accustomed to unlocking different achievements. They are somewhat of an expectation nowadays, with different challenges for players to brag about. Similarly, XDefiant will have its own set of achievements and trophies for you to conquer. The achievement list is fairly modest on release, but we’re hoping it’s going to be expanded in the future.

✓ All Trophies and achievements so far
  • MVP
  • Buzzkill
  • All Grown Up
  • Weapon Master
  • Streaker
  • Team Player
  • Exterminator
  • Winner Win
  • Grand Tour
  • Damage Dealer
  • Party Player
  • Defense Player
  • High-Fivist

List of trophies and achievements

At the time of writing, there are 13 achievements that you can get in XDefiant. In trophy terms, they range from bronze to gold. This leaves platinum achievements oddly absent, making us think that this isn’t everything we’re going to see in the game.

For example, we’d love to see achievements related to specific XDefiant Factions and their abilities. Similarly, each of the game modes could have specific achievements tied to them. Before any of that is added, we’ll have to contend with the ones that are currently available:

MVPFinish 3 Matches as MVP
BuzzkillCancel 5 enemy Ultras
All Grown UpReach Player Level 50
Weapon MasterLevel up a Weapon to Level 50
StreakerAchieve a Killstreak of 5 or higher
Team PlayerGet 50 Assists
ExterminatorGet 50 Kills
WinnerWin 10 Matches
Grand TourComplete a Match in 5 different Game Modes
Damage DealerDeal 10.000 damage
Party PlayerComplete a Match in a Party
Defense PlayerHeal or Block 5.000 damage
High-Fivist Send or receive 20 High-Fives
List of XDefiant trophies

How to unlock

You will unlock most of the achievements by simply playing the game. For example, Exterminator, Team Player, Damage Dealer, All Grown Up and other similar achievements will accrue over time the more you play. However, there are a few that warrant a more detailed look.


While it’s entirely possible to get this achievement through simply playing the game, it’s easier to do if you pay attention to the objective. Ultras in XDefiant function like ultimates in other games. So when you see an enemy player channelling theirs, focus them down and kill them. This will for all intents and purposes cancel their Ultra. Do it five times, and you’ll get the trophy.


Getting a kill streak can be easier said than done. Getting two kills in repetition will happen often, but when you get to three – it’s time to pay attention. If you’re not confident in your aim, step back, play more defensively and be opportunistic. Wait for a chance to score the fourth kill in a row, and do the same for the fifth. Also, don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work the first time. Keep playing and new opportunities to get a 5-man killstreak will present themselves.

Defense Player

This is the only trophy that we would rank as faction-oriented. It will be difficult to get if you, for example, keep playing as Echelon. Consider picking Libertad who are the most proficient faction for healing. Or if blocking damage and defence is more your style, pick Phantoms.

Party Player

It may be self-explanatory, but it bears repeating. To get this one, you’ll need to play and complete a full match in a premade party. If you’re having trouble finding others to play with, there will likely be many players who are looking to get the trophy when the game launches. Simply party up with a few that you meet while playing and you will all get this achievement together.

List of Ubisoft Connect challenges

When XDefiant launched, Ubisoft added new challenges to complete within the Ubisoft Connect app. These challenges earn you XP towards your Ubisoft account, similar to other games from the publisher. There are currently 41 challenges in total, ranging from 50-250 XP. Let’s see the full list of challenges that you can complete:

Challenge nameRequirementXP reward
Practice Makes PerfectVisit the Practice Zone50 XP
GGs!Play three matches in a row50 XP
First WinWin one Match50 XP
Pyro TechnicianPlay as the Cleaners faction50 XP
Future SoldierPlay as the Phantoms faction50 XP
Freedom FighterPlay as the Libertad faction50 XP
Super SpyPlay as the Echelon faction50 XP
25 AR KillsGet 25 kills with Assault Rifles50 XP
25 SMG KillsGet 25 kills with SMGs50 XP
25 Shotgun KillsGet 25 kills with Shotguns50 XP
25 LMG KillsGet 25 kills with LMGs50 XP
25 Marksman KillsGet 25 kills with Marksman Rifles50 XP
25 Sniper Rifle KillsGet 25 kills with Sniper Rifles50 XP
5 Secondary KillsGet 5 kills with Secondary Weapons50 XP
SkilledKill 10 enemies with abilities50 XP
Going All OutActivate ultras 10 times50 XP
Flesh WoundsDeal 15k weapon famage50 XP
Team 100kScore 100k points50 XP
WarhorseComplete 50 matches100 XP
UnstoppableGo on a three-win streak100 XP
MVPEarn Player of the Game100 XP
Special DeliveryWin 10 matches of Escort100 XP
ControllingWin 10 matches of Zone Control100 XP
DominatorWin 10 matches of Domination100 XP
Occupied!Win 10 matches of Occupy100 XP
Bounty HunterWin 10 matches of Hot Shot100 XP
Skill KillerKill 50 enemies with abilities100 XP
HurtfulDeal 25k weapon damage100 XP
Rack ‘Em UpScore 250k points100 XP
Glorious VictoriesWin 100 matches250 XP
Reigning MVPEarn Player of the Game 10 times250 XP
Cyber AttackerPlay as the DedSec faction250 XP
AR 500 ClubGet 500 kills with Assault Rifles250 XP
SMG 500 ClubGet 500 kills with SMGs250 XP
Shotgun 500 ClubGet 500 kills with Shotguns250 XP
LMG 500 ClubGet 500 kills with LMGs250 XP
Marksman 500 ClubGet 500 kills with Marksman Rifles250 XP
Sniper 500 ClubGet 500 kills with Sniper Rifles250 XP
Secondary SlayerGet 50 kills with Secondary Weapons250 XP
Team 500kScore 500k points250 XP
MasterReach Player Level 100250 XP

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