3 Best Rogue Spec For Solo Leveling In Dragonflight World Of Warcraft

3 Best Rogue Spec For Solo Leveling In Dragonflight World Of Warcraft
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Rogue is a fan favorite playstyle for players of WoW, even after all these years. With the newest Dragonflight expansion, however, a bunch of newer players have been joining the game, eager to dip their toes in one of the most popular MMORPGs out there.

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However, not everyone might have friends to play with, so chances are a lot of players will be solo leveling their rogue character, hoping to get themselves to a high enough level that they’re able to join high level raids.

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If this applies to you, or if you just want to know which rogue spec is the best for solo leveling, then you’re at the right place. We’ll be going through all three of the available rogue specs (starting from the least recommended for solo leveling and ending with the best) to ensure that you’re able to find the perfect one for you.

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#3: Assassination

It’s very ironic that the rogue spec specializing in assassinations feels the most sluggish in terms of gameplay, but here we are. The assassination spec relies heavily on passive abilities which boost resource generation, and not too many that boost speed, healing, or damage.

Additionally, the assassination spec also has some really good abilities that do damage over time, but they’re virtually useless if you’re playing alone with no one to back you up or take the aggro off of enemies.

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#2: Outlaw

The outlaw rogue spec isn’t bad, but it isn’t good either. It’s the perfect definition of average. It has decent mid range attacks, good pulling attacks, and very powerful AoE, high burst damage. However, most of the abilities it has are defensive ones meant to keep the champion in the fight longer, but solo levelers will know that longer fights aren’t a good thing.

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One very big downside to the outlaw spec is that it’s what one might call a cooldown reliant class. For a player who wants to level up by questing alone, this decreases their chances of survivability drastically.

#1: Subtlety

Out of the three rogue specs, we definitely recommend subtlety if you want to level up without any outside help. It offers the best single-target burst damage and allows you to dispatch enemies within only a few seconds. By jumping from enemy to enemy in quick succession, you’ll be done with any wave before you know it.

Not only that, but this spec also offers the best self healing toolkit out of all the rogue specs, which means you won’t need a healer or long moments of rest just to clear one quest or dungeon.

This class specializes in pulling in groups of enemies, taking them out, and then quickly moving on to the next wave of enemies, something it can pull off relatively easily despite having average AoE damage.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know which rogue spec is the best one when it comes to solo leveling, you still have to practice playing it. This is largely due to the fact that even one mistake can lead to a huge loss in DPS, something you definitely don’t want happening in general, let alone when questing solo.