Who is saying ‘They’ll never find me’ in Elden Ring

Who is saying ‘They’ll never find me’ in Elden Ring
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Want to know who is saying ‘They’ll never find me’ in Elden Ring? We’ve got the answer. As one of the more cryptic voices to be heard in the Lands Between, hunting down the source of it is no mean feat.

As you come across this voice, you will hear it on repeat until you pick up a specific item. In a way, the voice is leading you to this special Talisman, so let’s look at how to get it.

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Elden Ring "they'll never find me" location ghost
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‘They’ll never find me’ in Elden Ring

The voice saying ‘They’ll never find me’ in Elden Ring is encountered while exploring Fort Laeidd, on the western edge of Mt Gelmir. You can explore around as you enter the fort after beating the Prelate fire monk who shoots flames from his head.

When you reach the top of the fort, head over to the west tower sticking out of the top. As you approach, you will hear the voice repeatedly saying ‘They’ll never find me’. Facing the west tower, face left and position your camera to the left to reveal a hidden platform. On this platform, you will see a ghost sitting down.

Elden Ring "they'll never find me" map location.
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Jump over the edge and talk to the ghost. He will mention something about getting back to the Volcano Manor. On the ledge, you will also find the Fire Scorpion Charm. It seems incredibly likely that this voice serves to guide you to the useful Talisman since the voice will stop once you get the item.

The ghost will stay there and you can keep talking to it as much as you like, but it will only repeat the same dialogue. With the Fire Scorpion Charm in hand, you’ve now solved the mystery of the voice saying ‘They’ll never find me’ in Elden Ring.

What does the Fire Scorpion charm do?

The Fire Scorpion Charm Talisman raises the damage you deal when using fire attacks, but it lowers your overall damage negation. Generally, this is an overall bad tradeoff, since damage negation can be the difference between being comboed to death. For reference, this Talisman will drop your Physical negation, VS Strike, Vs Slash, and VS Pierce, by roughly 7%.

Elden Ring - Fire Scorpion Charm Talisman
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If you have a build that specialises in fire damage, then this will be a great addition to your damage output. That is, if you can survive long enough to kill your enemies first.

That’s it for who is saying ‘They’ll never find me’ in Elden Ring. For more, read our guides covering the best and fastest boss order to follow and how to two-hand your armaments.

Elden Ring ‘they’ll never find me’ FAQs

Who is saying ‘They’ll never find me’ in Elden Ring?

It is simply a nameless ghost who is repeating this phrase. Based on their dialogue, they seem to be linked to the Volcano Manor.

Is the Fire Scorpion Charm good?

The attack boost provided by the Fire Scorpion Charm is considerable, so it is up to you whether or not you want to take the increased damage for more power.