Elden Ring – Rebirth and how to respec your character

Elden Ring – Rebirth and how to respec your character
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As with any RPG, learning how to respec and reset your stats in Elden Ring is crucial, in case you make any mistakes while levelling. You can refund spent levels, but you will need to make some progress first.

As you advance through the game, you’ll often find yourself faced with various obstacles that will have you wishing you chose another character category. If this particular inquiry has already crossed your mind, then we’re here to help you out on your journey through the Lands Between.

For more, read our guides covering how to get Varre’s White Mask and the best boss order to go through the game. Now, let’s look at how to respec in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring - how to respec: Image shows our character next to Rennala
Use Larval Tears to begin Rebirth. Image captured by VideoGamer

How to respec and reallocate skill points in Elden Ring

To respec in Elden Ring, you will need to beat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon in Raya Lucaria. Once you beat her, she becomes an NPC who offers the Rebirth option. To use Rebirth, you will need a Larval Tear to respec. Another option that becomes available at Rennala is Cosmetics, which lets you change your appearance.

Selecting Rebirth will allow you to respec your character, however, you will need to give her a Larval Tear each time you do so. These objects can be found throughout various locations in the Lands Between, but there is only a certain amount in each playthrough. However, some can be purchased from merchants such as the one that’s located inside Caria Manor. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll have to spend 3,000 Runes to buy these Larval Tears.

How to respec in Elden Ring - image shows the stat menu
While in the Rebirth menu, you can choose not to spend all of your levels. Image captured by VideoGamer

You can respec at the Raya Lucaria Academy grand library, which is where Rennala can be found. Rennala is the final boss of Raya Lucaria Academy, which is situated within the Liurnia of the Lakes area. You can reach this place by heading north out of Limgrave, beyond Stormveil Castle.

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What if I change my mind?

If you happen to change your mind after selecting Rebirth, you can cancel respeccing your stats. If you do this, you will get a message saying your Larval Tear was not used, so don’t worry about wasting it.

That’s it for how to respec in Elden Ring. For more, read our guides covering how to get to Nokron and how to two-hand your weapons.

How to Respec in Elden Ring FAQs

How many times can I respec in Elden Ring?

You can respec for a total of 18 times in one playthrough. Unfortunately, this is the maximum amount as you won’t be able to find any more Larval Tears afterwards.

How many larval tears are in Elden Ring?

There are 18 Larval Tears scattered throughout various locations in the Lands Between. You’ll be able to find some in the starting area of Limgrave, in Caelid, and in Liurnia of the Lakes.