Elden Ring who is saying ‘Oi! You there’ – Boc’s questline

Elden Ring who is saying ‘Oi! You there’ – Boc’s questline
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  • The person saying ‘Oi, you there’ in Elden Ring is Boc the Seamster.
  • He is camouflaged as a tree and you need to hit him to free him.

As you explore the Lands Between, you might encounter a strange voice in Limgrave asking ‘Oi you there. Could you help us out, cully?’ in Elden Ring. The disembodied voice is driving people crazy who can’t seem to find where it’s coming from. Fret not, we know where to find it and why it’s an important thing to discover.

Who is saying “Oi you there” in Elden Ring? Boc's location
The red circle we added shows where Boc is first found in Elden Ring saying ‘Oi you there’. Image by VideoGamer

Who is saying “Oi you there” in Elden Ring?

The person asking ‘Oi you there’ in Elden Ring is none other than an NPC called Boc the Seamster. You can find him in Limgrave, to the east of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. If you look on your map of Limgrave, look for the telescope icon and head towards it. Boc, the person saying ‘Oi! You there’ is disguised as a small tree.

Since he’s hidden, he is hard to spot and can blend into the surroundings fairly easily. Follow the voice and look for a shorter brown tree, it will stand out amid the other yellow and green trees and is roughly the same size as your character. To reveal Boc, hit the tree with any weapon or simply roll into it. Doing so will cause the tree to disappear and Boc will appear at the same location.

Elden ring boc quest - a map with a circle showing the location of boc
This location we’ve circled is where you can find Boc. Image taken by VideoGamer

Elden Ring – Boc’s quest and reward

Now you’ve located the source of who is saying ‘Oi you there’ in Elden Ring, you can start chatting to Boc and start his quest. Exhaust his dialogue where you found him and he will speak about his origins and how he was banished from his cave and ended up as a tree. Once you’ve exhausted his dialogue, rest at a Site of Grace to get him to move to the Coastal Cave.

As you find Boc in other locations, he will eventually tell you that he is a semester. As a semester, you can take some of your equipment to Boc at a Site of Grace and he will perform alterations. Altering armour changes the appearance by either removing cloaks or other parts of armour. This option lets you customise your look more, which is always important in Fashion Souls. To let Boc make alterations, you will need to give him a sewing needle. This item is obtained as part of Boc’s quest, and you can find it in the Coastal Cave dungeon. Give it to Boc and start altering your gear.

Should you give Boc a Larval Tear?

Towards the end of Boc’s quest, the story will branch depending on your choices. Boc’s quest has three outcomes, and giving him a Larval Tear is generally considered the worst ending. If you give Boc a Larval Tear, he will relocate to Rennala and become a human, but will not respond when you talk to him. Once you rest again, he will be dead. This will end his quest abruptly.

Elden Ring Boc clothes alteration
Boc will alter your clothes for you. Image taken by VideoGamer

When Boc asks about the Larval Tear, refuse his request and then go into your inventory. If you have it, find and use the ‘You’re Beautiful’ Prattling Pate item in front of him. As it lands on the floor, it will announce ‘You’re beautiful’ and Boc will be taken aback. Speak to him again and discuss your comments and he will stay alive and move to the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace. The third branch is also bad. If you refuse to give him a Larval Tear and don’t tell him he’s beautiful, Boc will eventually move outside of the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, and his quest will end there.