Warzone 2 Ranked guide – skill rating system, rewards, and more

Warzone 2 Ranked guide – skill rating system, rewards, and more
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Our Warzone 2 Ranked guide covers all of the new features, rules, and rewards that the competitive CoD battle royale mode is offering. Though most of the basic mechanics remain virtually the same, a variety of changes are also being made such as a significant vehicle restriction.

With the MW2 and Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded preload time already upon us, there’s never been a better time to take a closer look at all of the updates being made so you can be prepared before dropping in. Before you start partying up with your friends and finding a match, though, we suggest equipping your best FJX Imperium loadout and best Cronen Squall loadout so you can use these meta weapons while you’re in Al Mazrah.

Warzone 2 Ranked mode basics

The Warzone 2 Ranked mode, which is notably being released in its beta phase, has a few basic rules and restrictions that you’ll need to remember. If you plan on playing with your friends, it’s important to note that the current build only supports Trios so you’ll only be able to drop into Al Mazrah with two other people.

It’s also worth noting that Ranked play will be removing Firesales, and restricting the use of Heavy Choppers as these present unfair advantages to groups that are able to utilize them. The developers have similarly noted that there will be no multi-circles present in competitive play, which means that there will be changes to redeploy mechanics in matches.

Buy Station inventory adjustments are apparently being made as well, but it’s currently unclear what these updates are going to be since Infinity Ward and Raven Software are yet to provide any specifics. The biggest change of all, however, is the revocation of rock-throwing privileges within the Gulag as the developers have described this act as being “mean.”

Warzone 2 Ranked mode skill rating system

According to Activision’s official Warzone 2 Ranked mode blog post, the competitive battle royale will use a similar ranking system to that in MW2’s multiplayer mode. There will apparently be seven standard Skill Divisions that you can progress through, with all players starting off at Bronze 1 upon the game mode’s release.

Additionally, the new Skill Rating structure will be based on individual and squad performance in a match. The factors that heavily affect your match performance are as follows:

  • Squad placement
  • Kills
  • Assists
  • Kills by your squad

The SR you earn for Kills, Assists, and Squad Kills will also increase “based on the number of squads remaining.” If there are still more than 21 squads in a lobby, you and your teammates can earn +5 SR per elimination and +2 SR per squadmate elimination. This increases to +7 SR per elimination and +3 SR per squadmate elimination with 3-20 teams remaining. Finally, it rises all the way to +15 SR per elimination and +7 SR per squadmate elimination when there are only 1-3 groups left.

Another important element to note in Warzone 2 Ranked is that a Deployment Fee is deducted from your SR at the beginning of each match. The fee deducted is based on your Skill Division and Tier, which means those in a higher rank will have more taken away from their totals. Here is the complete breakdown of Deployment Fees per Skill Division and Tier:

  • Bronze I–III: No Deployment Fee
  • Silver I: –10 SR
  • Silver II: –14 SR
  • Silver III: –18 SR
  • Gold I: –23 SR
  • Gold II: –28 SR
  • Gold III: –33 SR
  • Platinum I: –39 SR
  • Platinum II: –45 SR
  • Platinum III: –51 SR
  • Diamond I: –58 SR
  • Diamond II: –65 SR
  • Diamond III: –72 SR
  • Crimson I: –80 SR
  • Crimson II: –90 SR
  • Crimson III: –100 SR
  • Iridescent and Top 250: –110 SR + 10 SR every 500 SR above 10,000 up to a max Deployment Fee of –210 SR

After each season, players will apparently be knocked down “to the lowest tier one division below where they ended the season.” This means that a Gold III player will go back all the way to Silver I if they don’t advance to the next rank before the current chapter ends. If you were good enough to reach the Crimson, Iridescent, and Top 250 ranks, then you’ll be brought down to Diamond I after the end of a season no matter which tier you reach.

Warzone 2 Ranked mode rewards

These are the following Rank Rewards you can earn from the competitive battle royale mode:

  • Rank 5 – Vehicle Skin
  • Rank 30 – Ranked Play Win Tracker Gunscreen
  • Rank 50 – Ranked Veteran Operator Skin

According to Activision, the Rank system is separate from your division as you’ll only be able to progress your Rank by earning Stars. You can acquire three Stars per match with your placement determining how many you are given.

A Top 25 placement gives you and your teammates one Star, while a Top 10 finish guarantees two Stars. Of course, a Warzone 2 Ranked mode victory awards three Stars, which should be the goal for every squad dropping in.

There are also Placement and Elimination rewards available to players. The former includes a Pro Issue Weapon Blueprint and a Weapon Charm while the latter is made up of a unique weapon camo that can be used on any weapon.

Unfortunately, the developers aren’t placing too much of an emphasis on rewards for the time being since it’s being released in the middle of a season. But with the use of our Warzone 2 Ranked guide, you should still be able get all of these prizes before the chapter ends regardless of how trivial they are.

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