Best FJX Imperium loadout, attachment and class in MW2

Best FJX Imperium loadout, attachment and class in MW2
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Wondering what the best FJX Imperium loadout is in Modern Warfare 2? We’re here to help you out! Season 5 brings new operators, fresh maps, and Battle Pass goodies filled with new weapons. Despite the arrival of new guns, the FJX Imperium is still a fan-favourite from the original 2009 MW2, previously known as the Intervention. 

To learn more about the new weapons, see our MW2 and Warzone Season 5 weapons list to get a good look on some of the new additions. So if you’re on the hunt for the optimal way to use this lethal long-range rifle, stick with us for the best FJX Imperium loadout Modern Warfare 2.

A screenshot of the best weapon loadout, FJX Imperium, in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

Best FJX Imperium loadouts and attachments

  • Rear Grip: Skull-40
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Stock: FJX Kilo-Tac
  • Bolt: FJX Blast
  • Barrel: Tac-Command 19”

After spending some time playing around with the new sniper, we can attest that the above loadout is the best for the FJX Imperium loadout we’ve come across so far.

Our chosen loadout is a careful balance of accuracy, decent mobility, and damage range, with an emphasis particularly on raising aim down sight speed. The above should set you up nicely to maximise the gun’s one-shot kill potential while mitigating its low rate of fire, with the only variable you have to worry about is your aiming skills.

The Skull-40 grip helps improving quick-scoping performance by boosting ADS. With the VLK LZR 7MW laser, you’ll get a faster aim down sight speed, sprint to fire speed, and aiming stability, allowing you to pull out the gun and sight significantly quicker whatever the situation, tapping into the quick-scoping potential of the FJX Imperium even when heavily mobile.

Then we have the FJX Kilo-Tac, again, ups ADS sided by improved sprint speed, sprint to fire, and crouch movement speed, elevating your overall mobility and quick-scoping when using the Imperium. With the FJX Blast, you get improved rechambering speed for a shorter reload time, lessening some of the FJX’s low rate of fire. Finally, the Fahrenheit 29″ barrel increases damage range, which helps leveling up the Imperium’s long-range lethatlity.

Best FJX Imperium Class Setup in MW2

A screen shot of the best FJX Imperium loadout in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.
  • Secondary: SMG like the Vaznev-9K
  • Perk Package: Overkill and Battle Hardened, Fast Hands, Quick Fix
  • Tactical: Flashbang
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Field Upgrade: Portable Radar, Dead Silence, Munitions Box

While these aren’t as crucial as the attachments, feel free to experiment to see what works best for your particular playstyle.

How to unlock the FJX Imperium in MW2

For now, you can unlock the FJX Imperium by getting 30 one-shot operator kills using sniper rifles. An easier way of unlocking the weapon is to extract it from DMZ. And with Season 5 underway, having this lethal sniper would surely come in handy.

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