How to upgrade in The Thaumaturge – best Salutor to spend skill points on

How to upgrade in The Thaumaturge – best Salutor to spend skill points on

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Wondering how to upgrade in The Thaumaturge? As you play through the game and start levelling up, you’ll earn skill points that you can use to upgrade your Salutors. This makes both you and your Salutors more powerful, and earns you new abilities to use. So how do you do it, and what Salutors should you unlock?

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How to upgrade in The Thaumaturge: Upgrading skills in the skill tree.
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How to upgrade in The Thaumaturge

To upgrade in The Thaumaturge, you first need to level up, which will award you with one skill point per level. Once you’ve done that, press Up on the D-pad to open up the skill tree. This displays four different skill paths that each line up with a particular Salutor.

To spend a skill point on an upgrade, simply select the skill you want to upgrade and follow the button prompts in the bottom right corner. You can only upgrade a skill if you’ve already got the previous upgrade in that particular line of the skill tree, so you can’t just choose whatever you want.

Alex’s Advice

Be aware that after certain points in the story, you will not be able to spend your skill points until you’ve recovered. Head to Rasputin to resolve this.

You’ll also notice that you can initially only upgrade your skills so far for some of the trees. This is because you can only continue upgrading each skill tree once you have unlocked the specific Salutor that line is tied to. Once you’ve unlocked the required Salutor, you can upgrade beyond the first three upgrades.

Best Salutor to upgrade in The Thaumaturge

There is no best Salutor to upgrade in The Thaumaturge for a few of reasons. Firstly, each Salutor has their own benefits which will be required for combat, especially later on in the game. You will need each Salutor to disable the Flaws of the people you fight, so each Salutor comes in handy across all your fights.

Secondly, upgrading each tree is required for your investigations. If you don’t upgrade a certain line, you will be unable to gain any information from certain items while investigating. Not only does this make things more difficult to investigate, but can actually lock you out of certain choices during the main story, so make sure you spread your upgrades.

Lastly, different upgrades provide you with different passive bonuses. This can be more health, more focus, or even more damage. You’ll want to make sure you’re spreading your upgrades across these, as there’s no point dealing lots of damage if you just end up dying immediately anyway.

That’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade in The Thaumaturge. For some more guides, why not check out our how to level up fast in The Thaumaturge and how to save in The Thaumaturge guides too?