How to reset character level in The First Descendant with Crystallization Catalyst

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  • You can reset your character level after reaching level 40 by spending a Crystallization Catalyst to improve a Module Socket.
  • Resetting your level allows you to increase socket capacity, thus letting you add more modules to power up your build.
  • You can get Crystallization Catalysts in one of several ways: completing all story missions, research, buying from the Store, or as a low-chance random drop.

You might think that getting max level with your favourite Descendant would be the end of the journey. But you can keep improving that character through a system similar to prestige systems from other games. In essence, in The First Descendant, you can reset the level of a character back to level 1 by improving their Mastery and increasing their power going forward. Fair warning though, it’s going to be a grind.

How to reset Descendant level

When you reach level 40 with a character, you can use the Crystallization Catalyst on a Module Socket. This will reset the character to level 1, while the chosen socket will halve the capacity cost of all modules of that socket type. This will then let you slot in even more modules, leading to more powerful builds.

Take the following steps to apply the Crystallization Catalyst and reset your level:

  1. Enter the Inventory menu (press I on PC, or Menu, then Inventory on consoles).
  2. Click on Descendant Module at the bottom of the list on the left side.
  3. Click on Module Additional Settings on the right side of the screen.
  4. Select Assign Module Type from the offered options.
  5. Choose the module slot you wish to upgrade and the type you want to assign.
  6. Click Apply Socket Type, spending your Crystallization Catalyst to do it.
Image of the inventory menu in The First Descendant, highlighting the Assign Module Type button.
Click on Module Additional Settings, then choose Assign Module Type to reset your level. Captured by VideoGamer

This is not a one-time deal either. You can spend further Crystallization Catalysts on other slots, thus increasing your capacity and empowering your build’s potential. Just bear in mind that each time you do this, your level will be reset back to the beginning.

How to get Crystallization Catalyst to reset your levels

There are four main ways to get Crystallization Catalysts in The First Descendant:

  • Random item drop
  • Buy from the Store
  • Mission reward
  • Research

Getting Crystallization Catalyst as a random drop

There is a very small chance that you can get a Crystallization Catalyst as a random item drop. Reportedly, it can only drop from tier 3 Consecutive mission Void bosses with a very low drop rate, likely under a 2% chance.

Image of the in-game store in The First Descendant, showing the Support Material tab and highlighting Crystallized Catalyst.
You’ll need to fork out 300 Caliber to buy a Catalyst. Captured by VideoGamer

Buying Crystallization Catalyst from the Store

You can purchase one Crystallization Catalyst from the in-game Store at the price of 300 Caliber. You can find the item under the Support Material tab. Remember that Caliber is a currency that you can only obtain by spending real money. With the pack of 250 Caliber costing $5, you’ll need to spend slightly more to get it.

Getting Crystallization Catalyst as a mission reward

You will get one Crystallization Catalyst as a reward for finishing all story missions in The First Descendant. Note that you will likely already reach level 40 by that time, so don’t panic if you don’t get it. Make sure to complete all missions, and then you’ll get one as a reward.

Image showing the research screen for Crystallized Catalyst in The First Descendant.
You’ll need to grind for a lot of rare materials to research one. Captured by VideoGamer

Getting Crystallization Catalyst through research

The most reliable way of getting Crystallization Catalysts is through research. To do that, you have to speak with Magister Anais in Albion. In the research menu, look for Enhancement Materials, then select Crystallization Catalyst. You’ll need several rare materials to begin researching:

ItemAmount neededHow to get
Murky Energy Residue8Trackable random drop
Macromolecule Biogel22Trackable random drop
Mixed Energy Residue8From Encrypted Vaults in Agna Desert
Advanced Neural Circuit18The Mountaintops in White-night Gulch
Crystallization Catalyst Blueprint1Reach Mastery Rank 1

You will also need to spend 187,500 Gold to begin researching. It will take 7.5 hours for it to complete before you can pick up your Crystallization Catalyst.

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