Where to find Anais in The First Descendant

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✓ At a glance
  • Anais can be found to the west of Albion. Look for the icon with a circle connected to three other circles in a triangular pattern.
  • She helps you research new Descendants and gear.

Magister Anais helps you unlock new characters and gear in The First Descendant. While she can take hours to research some items, she’s an essential part of the looter shooter’s grind for better gear. The best part is that you don’t need to spend real money on all the items she has to offer. Her spot in Albion can be tough to find so we’ve covered Anais’ location right here.

Anais location in the game

Head to the western side of Albion to find Anais. It’s the first region you enter after the game’s first main mission. You can use the fast travel point in the west wing to get to her faster. Her location is marked by an icon with a circle connected to three other circles in a triangular pattern. One good rule of thumb is to spot players crowding around an NPC inside a building with open walls. Anais will let you trade items over to research new Descendants and items. For instance, here’s how you can unlock Bunny’s electric powers.

Remember to gather the necessary resources mapped out by Anais. Researching items can take hours sometimes so you can proceed with other missions in the meantime. Getting new characters like Freyna and Ajax via the Descendant tab will let you clear Void Fragment missions that require specific elemental skills. And don’t fuss over starting at level 1 as your Mastery Rank buffs are account-wide, which makes the early game grind easier.

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