How to get Shape Stabilizer in The First Descendant and how to use them

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✓ At a glance
  • Shape Stabilizers are a rare reward from Zone Recon Missions, Calling of the Descendant missions, and Special Operations.
  • They can be used to increase your chances of getting rare loot from Amorphous Materials.
  • Each specific Amorphous Materials requires the use of a correct Shape Stabilizer Form.

There are many resources and items that interact with each other in The First Descendant. The game rewards grinding for all of them and you will always be on the lookout for something new to find. Shape Stabilizers are a niche item that can help you get what you want from Amorphous Materials, but getting them can be quite tricky.

Where to get Shape Stabilizers

You can only get Shape Stabilizers as a reward for completing Zone Recon Missions, Calling of the Descendant, or Special Operations from the world map. Even then, these missions provide only a small chance of getting these items as a reward. That means that you have to be ready to run some of them over and over again until you get the stabilizer you’re looking for. 

Here’s what are the odds of getting a Shape Stabilizer:

  • Zone Recon Missions – 0.4% chance
  • Calling of the Descendant – 2% chance
  • Special Operations – 8% chance

Note that while Special Operations provide the highest chance of getting a Shape Stabilizer, they only became available to us after we have completed all missions in one zone. You will need to do the same to unlock them.

You can mouse over each of the mission types to see what’s the chance to get a Shape Stabilizer, as well as which Form you can get. Each Form is tied to one of the game’s regions. Consult our table below to find out where to find all Shape Stabilizer Forms:

Shape Stabilizer FormRegionMissions to get them
Shape Stabilizer Form 1KingstonDefend Albion Resource
Fallen Theater: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Magister Lab
Slumber Valley
Shape Stabilizer Form 2Sterile LandBlock Kuiper Mining
Rockfall: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
The Repository: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Classified Area: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
The Forgottense
Unknown Laboratory
Shape Stabilizer Form 3VespersNeutralize Void Experiment
Lumber Yard: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Lost Supply Depot: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Moonlight Lake: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
The Shelter
Shape Stabilizer Form 4Echo SwampDefend Albion Resource
Muskeg Swamp: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Derelict Covert: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Seed Vault
The Chapel
Shape Stabilizer Form 5Agna DesertNeutralize Void Experiment
Vermilion Waste: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Storage: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Miragestone: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
The Asylum
Caligo Ossuary
Shape Stabilizer Form 6White-night GulchBlock Kuiper Mining
The Mountaintops: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Shipment Base: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Hatchery: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Mystery’s End
Shape Stabilizer Form 7HagiosNeutralize Void Experiment
Dune Base: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
The Corrupted Zone: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Forward Base: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Dune Base: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
The Haven
Old Mystery
Shape Stabilizer Form 8FortressDefend Albion Resources
Frozen Valley: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Convertor Facility: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
Defense Line: Vulgus Strategic Outpost

How to use Shape Stabilizers

Shape Stabilizers serve a single purpose, and that is to increase the odds of getting rarer Material Components when opening Amorphous Materials. You can see the chances of getting items from Amorphous Materials by mousing over. While doing that, there is also an option to check how much using one can influence the odds.

When you start opening Amorphous Materials, you can use a Shape Stabilizer of the appropriate Form to increase your chances. Click on the checkbox on the opening screen to apply a stabilizer and increase your chance for better loot.

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