Can you trade in The First Descendant? Answered

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✓ At a glance
  • The First Descendant doesn’t currently have a trading system feature.
  • The devs have stated that they are working on adding a trading system, but we don’t have an estimated release timeline yet.

Getting shiny new loot to improve your character is the main draw for many players in looter shooter games. It would be great to be able to trade weapons, modules, and other items with other players in The First Descendant. That could lead to players establishing their own economy with supply and demand. Imagine how expensive some well-rolled rare items would be. But can you do any trading in the current game?

Is there trade in The First Descendant?

In short, no, currently it isn’t possible to trade with other players in The First Descendant. The trading system was something that the devs have mentioned on numerous occasions, even before the game’s release. It is something that they would like to see added to the game, but have focused on the initial launch first.

Will trading be added in the future?

All signs point that yes, a trade system is coming to The First Descendant. We don’t know when just yet, but it is something to look forward to. In a recent Q&A with the devs at Summer Game Fest, game director Minseok Joo stated that trading is something they are working on. To quote:

“We’re working on the trading system and how to give things away as well. We’re planning on implementing it once the service stabilizes to the point where we can add it“.

While that statement is encouraging to hear, we can’t be sure when trading will come to the game or in what capacity. It could be an auction house system, with players posting items or placing demand tickets. But will there be a direct p2p trading system, for example between party members or players on your friends list? We simply don’t know yet and will have to wait and see once the devs roll it out.

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