Does Starfield support ultrawide?

Does Starfield support ultrawide?
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Does Starfield have ultrawide support? Anyone planning to immerse themselves into Bethesda’s latest RPG wants to know.

It’s taken a long time to establish whether Starfield would have ultrawide support. People were getting worried when they saw brief footage in an early Starfield trailer of a player playing on an ultrawide gaming monitor that wasn’t supported in the game. It didn’t help either that Bethesda doesn’t have the best track record for ultrawide support (dare we mention Skyrim?). All in all, the ultrawide community has been let down many a time with empty promises of ultrawide support coming later. But Starfield is gonna be different, right?

Starfield ultrawide support explained

Starfield supports ultrawide on PC, with using both 16:9 and 21:9 in different stages of the game. When you’re actually through the Menu and Character Creator, you can expect a glorious 21:9. Meanwhile, expect 16:9 for Menu and Character Creator. The ultrawide community playing on PC should be very excited, especially given the amount of AAA games that need ultrawide modding to play them. If you’ve been on the fence about ultrawide until now, then it’s time to check out the best ultrawide gaming monitors we’ve picked especially for Starfield.

If you’re playing Starfield on Xbox, then stick with us for answers.

Will Starfield support Ultrawide: A starship lands in an industrial complex on a planet, from a first person perspective in the cockpit.

Does Starfield support ultrawide on Xbox?

Unfortunately, Xbox players won’t have the luxury of ultrawide support right now. You can still plug in your ultrawide monitor into your console, no problems there. However, you’ll get black bars on either side of the screen that take away that level of immersion.

What is Ultrawide monitor support?

For those unfamiliar with ultrawide monitors, they enhance the screen by extending it from a traditional monitor ratio of 16:9 to a 21:9 aspect ratio. With some games, users will find an ultrawide monitor will not be supported and it will result in either a black border or the game stretched out. Therefore, it’s always important to check first whether games support an ultrawide monitor.