Star Citizen what is the Mercury Star Runner – all ship features

Star Citizen what is the Mercury Star Runner – all ship features
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If you’re looking to find out more about the Star Citizen Mercury Star Runner, then you’re in the right place. Star Citizen is a massive game thanks to its lengthy development time, and it can be tough to keep track of everything, especially if you’re new to the game. So we’ve taken the time to take you through all the info about the Mercury Star Runner that you’ll need in your game.

Be sure to check out the Star Citizen free trial start date so you know when the next Free Fly event starts. And if you haven’t signed up for it yet, check out our Star Citizen how to join free trial guide to find out exactly how to do it. With that, let’s take a look at the Mercury Star Runner in Star Citizen, what it is, and all its features.

Star Citizen Mercury Star Runner: The Mercury Star Runner on a landing pad.

What is the Mercury Star Runner in Star Citizen?

The Mercury Star Runner is a courier ship developed by Crusader Industries. Unlike a larger cargo ship, the Mercury is focused on delivering small playloads much faster, specialising in transporting data. Thanks to its Data Storage Computers with heavy encryption and high security, the ship is famed for its ability to safely deliver crucial and top secret information without it falling into the wrong hands.

Crusader Industries is the go-to manufacturer when it comes to galactic transport, and with the Star Runner chassis being built specifically to combine the best of cargo transportation and speed it’s not hard to see why. Capable of transporting small payloads of goods and crucial information at high a high top-speed, it’s the most dependable courier vessel in Star Citizen.

Alex’s Advice

While the Mercury Star Runner is focused on speed and cargo delivery, don’t discount its combat ability. It comes with three turrets capable of dishing our enough damage to hold its own.

Mercury Star Runner specifications and features

Here are the specifications of the Mercury Star Runner:

  • Length: 56.0m
  • Beam: 51.0m
  • Height: 16.0m
  • Size: Medium
  • Mass: 1,615,175kg
  • Cargo Capacity: 114
  • SCM Speed: 215 m/s
  • Afterburner Speed: 1,287 m/s
  • Minimum Crew: 2
  • Maximum Crew: 3

As previously mentioned, the key feature of the Mercury Star Runner is its Data Storage Computers, capable of holding heavily encrypted data. As well as this, it features a Scanning Station to collect data to be used on missions or sold for a profit.

In terms of physical goods, the Mercury has a cargo bay capable of holding 114 SCU of cargo, as well as a ramp allowing the storage of ground vehicles. Additionally, it features ‘smugglers’ holds’, Shielded Storage units that allow for the stealthy storage of hidden cargo.

While the Mercury only has beds for up to three crew members, the Living Areas of the ship are fairly large, with bedrooms, bathrooms, communal areas, a kitchen, and plenty of storage.

The ship is also capable of defending itself, thanks to remotely manned turrets found on the top and bottom of the ship, as well as a pilot-controlled turret at the front of the ship with room for missiles. It also has eight Weapon Racks around the ship to store weapons for the crew to use if needed.

That’s all you need to know about the Star Citizen Mercury Star Runner. If you’re wanting to find out more about Star Citizen, check out some of our other guides like does Star Citizen support VR and does Star Citizen have multiplayer too.

Star Citizen Mercury Star Runner FAQ

Who makes the Mercury Star Runner in Star Citizen?
The Mercury Star Runner is manufactured by Crusader Industries.

Why should you use the Mercury Star Runner?

The Mercury Star Runner specialises in transporting small cargo and sensitive data quickly.