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Ratchet and Clank PS4 Gold Bolt Location Guide

Ratchet and Clank on PS4 is a game that includes a lot of collectible items. In the time-honoured tradition of 3D platformers, long after you’ve seen the end credits there will still be plenty of ‘things’ to hunt down across the game world. This guide will walk you through how to find all 28 gold bolts that have been cleverly hidden in locations off the beaten path, allowing you to unlock numerous cool visual features and neat cheats.

It’s worth noting that this guide will tackle each planet in menu order, but certain bolts require Ratchet has acquired tools from later in the game. If you don’t have the specified equipment yet, simply come back once you do – a lot of the time you’ll already be equipped for the job at hand, though. If you’re rounding up missing gold bolts having completed the game, you’ll already have everything you need. Map locations shown are where you need to go in order to either collect the gold bolt or enter the area that leads to the gold bolt.

Gold Bolt 1 on Veldin

Required items and abilities: Magnet boots

Ratchet   clank veldin 1

Location: Immediately after exiting right out of the garage, head up the mag strip to grab the gold bolt. Simple! You’ll also get a lovely view of Veldin if you want to hang around long enough to appreciate it. Poor Veldin only gets one gold bolt, so make the most of it.

Gold Bolt 1 on Kerwan

Required items and abilities: Heli-jump or Jetpack boost jump

Ratchet   clank kerwan 1

Location: On exiting Ratchet’s ship, use the large red sci-fi tram to travel to the Train Station. Once you’ve arrived head left towards a stack of crates. You can use the R1 jetpack boost jump or heli-jump to get onto the crate marked with up arrows. Use R1 again to get over the crates on the far left, and the bolt is hidden behind them. Take a moment to gaze at the wonder of the Qwark statue too. Magnificent!

Gold Bolt 2 on Kerwan

Required items and abilities: Heli-jump or Jetpack boost jump

Ratchet   clank kerwan 2

Location: This is one of the easiest bolts to get in the game as it’s on a path you have to take to make progress in the story. Simply complete Captain Qwark’s training course and you’ll collect the bolt at the end. I’m not even sure why you’re reading this to be honest. Chances are you’ve already got this bolt! I apologise for wasting your time.

Gold Bolt 1 on Aridia

Required items and abilities: Fusion Grenade

Ratchet   clank aridia 1

Location: On exiting Ratchet’s ship, head left to the top most corner of that section of map. You may notice a teasing gold bolt annoying locked away behind an indestructible grate. Don’t worry yourself as the entrance to the cave is very close. Once you’ve reached what appears to be a dead end and a medium sized green wall, look to the right and you’ll see some loosely arranged boulders. Throw a fusion grenade onto them and, kablam, the cave is open and the gold bolt is yours.

Gold Bolt 2 on Aridia

Required items and abilities: Hydrodisplacer

Ratchet   clank aridia 2

Location: Head into the main building on Aridia, past the numerous sand sharks desperately hoping to attend a casting call for the next Sharknado movie. Once you’ve taken the elevator up and got inside, head into the centre of the building using the numerous grappling hook points along the way. Once at the top of the cavernous room, swing across to the terminal that requires the Hydrodisplacer, lower the water, then drop down. The gold bolt is under the water. From here activate the bolt switch and head through to return to the building entrance.

Gold Bolt 3 on Aridia

Required items and abilities: Magnet boots and jetpack thruster

Ratchet   clank aridia 3

Location: If you look to the right of your starting location (Ratchet’s ship) you’ll see the gold bolt hovering over a dumper truck. Use the transportation device nearby to head to the Agent’s Camp, then walk up the mag strip. At the top you’ll find a bolt that can be interacted with, which in turn rotates some cranes to open up a path to the gold bolt.

Use your grapple move to swing over to the previously inaccessible area. Be careful as there are a lot of sand sharks here, but they can be handled pretty easily with a rapid fire weapon and Mr Zurkon working in tandem. Walk around and you’ll find the bold inside the dump truck. Sadly it seems Bob The Builder has been taken by the sharks!

Gold Bolt 1 on Nebula G34

Ratchet   clank nebula 1

Location: From your ship head through the space station until you reach a room full of cages. There are a lot of enemies around, so be careful. In this room you can immediately jump onto the higher platform, from which you can enter an open cage to claim your gold bolt. There are a few enemies in here, too, so just be careful not to get sloppy in your desire for that bounty. Those frogs are cute, but also deadly.

Gold Bolt 1 on Rilgar

Required items and abilities: Oxygen mask (found by completing the Pumping Station mission on Pokitaru)

Ratchet   clank rilgar 1

Location: This is a large area, so to begin with work your way to the RYNO holocard dealer, then head into the sewers. Using the oxygen mask you can swim without worrying about air, so keep going until you reach the location on the map shown. This marks an underground cave. Go in here and follow it to reach the gold bolt.

Gold Bolt 2 on Rilgar

Ratchet   clank rilgar 2

Location: This gold bolt is locked away behind a force field in the area full of green slime monsters and pressure pads. Even if you trigger all the pads the force field you need to get past isn’t turned off, so you’ll have to circumvent it. Slightly away from the force field area is a small tower with neon blue lights. Climb this then run along the metal beams like Sly Cooper to reach your golden destination.

Gold Bolt 3 on Rilgar

Ratchet   clank rilgar 3

Location: This bolt is collected during a hoverboard race, so you can easily miss it if you don’t take part. Once you’ve cleared enemies from the area, hoverboard racing can commence. Simply active the Bronze race and make sure you stay on the highest platform available. The gold bolt is behind a boost ring. By winning the Bronze race you also make some progress in the optional hoverboard race objective.

Gold Bolt 1 on Gaspar

Required items and abilities: Jetpack

Ratchet   clank gaspar 1

Location: This bolt is very easy to get, but you’ll need the jetpack in order to fly to the top of the map. Make sure you refuel along the way and watch out for enemies. The gold bolt is hovering inside the centre of a volcanic ring.

Gold Bolt 2 on Gaspar

Required items and abilities: Jetpack

Ratchet   clank gaspar 2

Location: Again, this bolt is very easy to get, but you’ll need you’ll need to make sure you manage your jetpack fuel and watch out for large groups of enemies. Simply drop into the location on the left side of the map and you’ll find the gold bolt.

Gold Bolt 3 on Gaspar

Required items and abilities: Jetpack

Ratchet   clank gaspar 3

Location: This one takes some getting to, but is fairly easy to find if you go south from the brain harvester. Once you’re at the location you’ll need to activate the three pressure pads (across two different structures and multiple levels), before the force field holding the gold bolt is turned off.

Gold Bolt 4 on Gaspar

Required items and abilities: Jetpack and magnetic boots

Ratchet   clank gaspar 4

Location: This is easiest to find directly after you’ve got bolt 3. After refueling head to the southern most point on the map, a location that has a mag strip. Follow this mag strip round and enter the secret cave system. There are a lot of dangerous enemies in here, so make good use of support from Mr Zurkon and the Glove of Doom (if you have them). Once you’ve activated the pressure pads at the end, defeat the robot enemy and ride the elevator to the top. Here you will find the fourth and final gold bolt on Gaspar.

Gold Bolt 1 on Batalia

Ratchet   clank batalia 1

Location: This one’s incredibly easy to grab. Simply make your way to the door that requires the Trespasser to unlock, but ignore the door. Wall jump up the walls either side and the gold bolt is waiting for you at the top.

Gold Bolt 2 on Batalia

Required items and abilities: Heli-jump

Ratchet   clank batalia 2

Location: Follow the path over the blown up bridge. There’s a fairly big enemy encounter here if you’re attempting this area for the first time and you’ll need to activate the large bridge by heading down to the lower level. Once you’ve done that and made it over the newly opened bridge, head to the right of a closed door. You’ll need your heli-jump to clear the large gaps, and the gold bolt is just a few leaps away.

Gold Bolt 3 on Batalia

Ratchet   clank batalia 3

Location: Make your way round towards the lower left area of the map. You’ll reach a large courtyard and if you look up slightly to the left you’ll see the gold bolt on top of a platform. Walk to the far end of the courtyard where you’ll see a large collection of destructible boxes. Resist the in-built desire to immediately blow them all up, instead using them to reach the walkway up above. Follow this path round to the bolt.

Gold Bolt 1 on Pokitaru

Required items and abilities: Oxygen Mask (possibly)

Ratchet   clank pokitaru 1

Location: Follow the path down from Ratchet’s ship until you can see a docked boat. Go left here, dive into the water (at point shown on the map) and follow and underground tunnel past some explosive crates. Once you emerge from the water, continue on the natural path, using the grappling points and then head towards the end of the area. A giant flying squid monster will appear. Simply defeat this and you’ll be rewarded with a gold bolt.

Gold Bolt 2 on Pokitaru

Ratchet   clank pokitaru 2

Location: If you’re playing this area for the first time, this bolt is in the water immediately to the left of the stairs you walk up once the boat has docked. Just dive down into the water. It’s not very far down so don’t worry about having enough oxygen if you haven’t got the 02 breather yet.

Gold Bolt 3 on Pokitaru

Ratchet   clank pokitaru 3

Location: This will take some hunting unless you’re following a guide (which you are, so that’s good). There’s a small island kind of in the middle of nowhere which you can see on the map we’ve included for you. There’s low platform Ratchet can clamber onto, from which it’s very easy to climb to the top and get the gold bolt. Don’t swim out too far or you’ll get eaten by a ferocious fish.

Gold Bolt 1 on Quartu

Ratchet   clank quartu 1

Location: This gold bolt is found right at the end of Clank’s section. In the room with the final puzzle involving the moving boxes and the big magnet, there’s a bot up to the left. Use one of the other two robots to bounce up there, and take the other up with you to make a bridge to the gold bot (in the corner on the door side of the room). Place the third bot beneath the gold bot in the bounce pad configuration. Head back out into the room prior to this, pick up a bomb and bring it back. Bounce up and head over the bridge. Throw the bomb into the bounce pad then leap up yourself and grab the gold bolt. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

Gold Bolt 2 on Quartu

Required items and abilities: Jetpack

Ratchet   clank quartu 2

Location: Head into the factory. There’s a teleport near Ratchet’s ship if you’ve already completed this area. If not, it’s the final section of the level. There’s a big boss fight here, so you’ll have to deal with that first if you’re not returning here to collect the gold bolts.

As you look at the map, you need to head to a computer terminal located inside a room in the middle left of the area (this is marked with the arrow on the map here). Interact with the computer and you’ll see the location of the gold bolt. As the small cutscene ends the bolt will be directly in front of you. Use your jetpack to fly over and collect the bolt.

Gold Bolt 3 on Quartu

Required items and abilities: Jetpack and Trespasser

Ratchet   clank quartu 3

Location: While still in the factory (if not, use the teleporter from near Ratchet’s ship), head into the corner where there’s a door that requires a Trespasser puzzle to unlock.

Solution ratchet

This is the solution to the puzzle – as it’s optional you can’t auto hack it. Once you’ve solved the puzzle simply unbolt the door and fly across the lava to collect your gold bolt.

Gold Bolt 1 on Kalebo III

Required items and abilities: Grind boots

Ratchet   clank kalebo 1

Location: From the start of the level make your way past the enemies and into a room with an elevator on the left (see map). Ride this to the top, dispatch the handful of grunts and then you’re going to need to grind the rail. This is a fairly lengthy section of gameplay in which you must activate four circuit breakers to reach the final section of rail. If you do this correctly you’ll grab the bolt.

Be careful as it’s insta-death if you crash head on into one of the many trains occupying the tracks! Be warned that we found this to be one of the hardest gold bolts to collect in the entire game.

Gold Bolt 2 on Kalebo III

Ratchet   clank kalebo 2

Location: This is easy to find while walking through the core part of the level. Once you reach an elevator near the area marked on the map, simply ride it up (a grind rail will be in front of you). Turn around and you’ll be able to double jump to a platform over to the left and collect the gold bolt.

Gold Bolt 3 on Kalebo III

Ratchet   clank kalebo 3

Location: This gold bolt is another found during a hoverboard race. This time it’s part of the core story, so enter the Bronze race and look out for the second set of shortcut rings (these are rings that if passed through in order will unlock a shortcut). The second set are up a ramp that you’ll have to boost off in order to reach the higher platform. From here you can activate the shortcut and then leap over into the entrance where the gold bolt can be found.

Gold Bolt 1 on Deplanetiser

Ratchet   clank

Location: If you’re playing through for the first time you’ll have to prevent guards from triggering an instant kill by pressing the red switch. As long as you keep the enemies away from the switch, it’s relatively easy. Rockets are good at dealing with the big angry robots.

The first bolt is located in the room full of planets. On a side wall above normal eye level is a green switch that can be shot. On doing this a ladder is dropped down. If you climb this and jump across the moving platforms you’ll find the gold bolt.

Gold Bolt 2 on Deplanetiser

Ratchet   clank

Location: As with the first gold bolt in this area, if you’re playing through for the first time you’ll have to keep in mind that the guards will trigger an instant kill if they see you and activate the red switch. Assuming you’ve dispatched them all, the first gold bolt is on the room with statues in the middle and floating platforms up above. There is a ladder to the side of the room. Climb this then leap across the moving platforms to retrieve the gold bolt.

That is it. All 28 gold bolts collected, meaning you can unlock everything in the Extras menu. Well done you!


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