Who is prisoner 627 in MW3 Campaign?

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Wondering who is prisoner 627 in MW3? We’ve got the answer right here. Modern Warfare 3 (2023) will launch on November 10 later this year. The first gameplay footage we saw at Gamescom’s opening night live shows Task Force 141 on a mission to rescue a prisoner.

The gameplay footage depicts similar scenes from the original MW3 (2011) which saw the team storm a Russian prison to rescue a teammate. If you haven’t checked out our Modern Warfare 3 character list, we suggest you do. For now, let’s talk about prisoner 627 in MW3 (2023).

Makarov in MW3 (2023)

Who is Prisoner 627 in MW3 (2023)

The first mission in Modern Warfare 3 (2023) campaign will see you attempt to rescue Vladimir Makarov from Verdansk Prison, making him prisoner 627 in MW3.

This mission is also a throwback to the original MW2 (2009) mission named “The Gulag,” where Task Force 141 led by Soap stormed a prison to rescue Prisoner 627 who at then, was Captain Price.

So it’s safe to say that Sledgehammer Games have switched things up a bit but maintain the prisoner name for this particular mission.

Operation 627 mission in MW3 (2023)

In Operation 627, you’ll leave a submarine hatch and swim your way through the dark cloudy ocean waters with a group of soldiers and make your way to the surface. You’ll then need to use a grapple to climb up to the seaside prison.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - screenshot thumbnail featuring Prisoner 627.

Once you’re inside the prison, you’ll activate your night vision google, and take down enemies silently before creating chaos by shooting your way to your destination, taking down both prisoners and guards to reach the lower levels of the prison.

Upon reaching the base, you’ll come across a heavily guarded closed cell that’s likely to be where Makarov is held captive, but the gameplay showcase ends just before confirming who’s behind the door.

Modern Warfare 3 (2023) is a direct sequel to MW2 (2022) and if you’re not caught up on the campaign, see our Modern Warfare story so far guide as you wait for MW3 to launch in November. Be sure to keep an eye on our MW3 campaign early access start date and continue the story a week early.

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