All Pokemon Go regional exclusives and where to find them

All Pokemon Go regional exclusives and where to find them
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What are all the Pokemon Go regional exclusives? Where in the world can you find them all? Regional exclusivity for Pokémon Go isn’t surprising considering past Pokémon games have version exclusivity. Regional exclusivity, however, works a little differently.

Are you prepared to travel the world to catch’em all? If so, you might want to know how to catch Scatterbug in Pokemon Go. You will also want to know how to get all of the Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon Go.

Searching for regional exclusive Pokémon will have you traveling the world from Mexico to New Zealand. Get ready for a journey. Here are all the Pokémon Go regional exclusives and where to find them.

Pokemon Go regional Pokemon and where to find them

Each generation of Pokémon has exclusives that only appear in other regions of the world. To catch them all, you need to travel. Below, we have broken up the different regional Pokemon based on the generation they are in.

All Gen 1 regional exclusives – Kanto

TaurosNorth America – United States and Canada
Mr. MimeEurope
Farfetch’dEastern Asia

All Gen 2 regional exclusives – Johto

CorsolaTropical Regions near the coast
HeracrossCentral and Southern America

All Gen 3 regional exclusives – Hoenn

SeviperNorth America, South America, Africa
LunatoneEastern Hemisphere
SolrockWestern Hemisphere
TropiusAfrica, Middle-East
ZangooseEurope, Asia, Australia
IllumiseNorth America, South America, Africa
VolbeatEurope, Asia, Australia
TorkoalSouth Asia
RelicanthNew Zealand and surrounding islands

All Gen 4 regional exclusives – Sinnoh

AzelfNorth America, South America, Greenland
MespritEurope, Middle East, Africa, India
CarnivineUnited States (Florida and North Carolina)
PachirisuCanada, Alaska, Russia
Shellos (West Sea)Western Hemisphere
Shellos (East Sea)Eastern Hemisphere
ChatotSouthern Hemisphere
Mime Jr. Hatches from eggs obtained in Europe

Did you know?

Once you catch a Scatterbug, it can evolve into one of 18 unique variants of Vivillon depending on what region you are in.

All Gen 5 regional exclusives – Unova

ThrohNorth America, South America, Africa
SawkEurope, Asia, Australia
Basculin (Red Stripe)Eastern Hemisphere
Basculin (Blue Stripe)Western Hemisphere
MaractusCentral America, Southern United States, Mexico
SigilyphEgypt, Greece
BouffalantNew York and surrounding areas
HeatmorEastern Hemisphere
DurantWestern Hemisphere
PanpourNorth America, South America, Greenland
PansearEurope, Middle East, Africa, India

All Gen 6 regional exclusives – Kalos

Furfrou (Pharaoh Trim)Egypt
Furfrou (Kabuki Trim)Japan
Furfrou (La Reine Trim)France
Furfrou (Star Trim)Asia-Pacific
Furfrou (Debutante Trim)North America, South America
Furfrou (Diamon Trim)Europe, Middle East, Africa
KlefkiFrance and surrounding areas
Flabébé (Blue Flower)Asia-Pacific
Flabébé (Red Flower)Europe, Middle East, Africa
Flabébé (Yellow Flower)North America, South America

All Gen 7 regional exclusives

Oricorio (Baile Style)Europe, Middle East, Africa
Oricorio (Pa’u Style)African, Asian, Caribbean, and Pacific Islands
Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style)North America, South America, Greenland
Oricorio (Sensu Style)Asia-Pacific
KartanaNorthern Hemisphere
CelesteelaSouthern Hemisphere

That is all of the regional exclusive Pokemon in Pokémon Go. As you can tell, you will need to journey from Japan to the tropics and even beyond to catch’em all.

Pokemon Go regional exclusives – FAQ

How many regional exclusive Pokémon are in Pokemon Go?

There are 54 regional Pokemon in Pokemon Go and some Pokemon that have regional variants.

Do you need to travel to a specific location to get regional exclusive Pokemon?

If you want to catch the Pokemon, you will need to visit the region. You can also have a friend trade you a regional Pokemon from their region.