How Pokemon Go Raids work – Catch your next legendary Pokemon

How Pokemon Go Raids work – Catch your next legendary Pokemon
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How do Pokemon Go raids work? Large-scale raid battles are some of the events to participate in. They are the key to catching legendary Pokémon like Cobalion or rare Pokémon like Mega Kangaskhan. Raids are also one of the best ways to play Pokémon Go with your friends and other trainers.

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Raids won’t always be going on in your area local time. These special events are something you need to look out for but don’t worry, Nintendo adds them regularly. Here is how Pokémon Go raids work. Soon you will be catching legendary Pokémon like Virizion.

How to join a raid in Pokémon Go

You can identify from the type of tower it is. A raid looks like a large tower with an egg on top of it. These towers typically take the place of gyms and are accompanied by a timer. When the timer reaches zero, the raid will begin. The egg will hatch and everyone will get to see the Pokémon inside.

The Pokemon Go app is shown on a phone screen during a raid.
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You can view all nearby raids by selecting the function in the bottom right corner of the screen. In this tab, select the raids section and you will see all nearby raids you can join.

The level of a raid can range from one to five with level one raids being the most common. There are various other types of raids that can appear during community events such as Mega Raids. There are also Shadow Raids which are extremely difficult versions of raids.

Did you know?

The difficulty of a raid in Pokémon Go is determined by the number of Nidoking icons it has.

When a raid boss is defeated, you and everyone else who helped in the battle will get the chance to catch the Pokémon. When this happens, you will be given a set number of Premier Balls to use. Of course, this does not guarantee that you will catch the Pokémon.

How to invite and join friends for a Pokémon Go Raid

If you want to complete a raid with a friend, you can invite them by following these steps:

  1. Join a raid
  2. Select the invite friends option
  3. Select the friends you want to invite
  4. Wait for your friends to join
  5. Battle together!

If you are the recipient of an invite, simply select the invite and join your friends in the battle.

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Pokemon Go Raids – FAQ

How many players can participate in a raid in Pokémon Go?

Up to 19 players can participate in a raid together at one time.

How do you spot a raid in Pokémon Go?

Raids can be identified by the large egg that appears on top of a gym.