How to Get Scatterbug in Pokemon GO

How to Get Scatterbug in Pokemon GO
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Scatterbug is a Bug-type Pokemon that was introduced in Gen VI of the Pokemon franchise. Finally, this little bug has made its debut in Pokemon GO starting on December 15th, along with its evolutionary descendants, Spewpa and Vivillon. However, catching Scatterbug isn’t simple, as it can’t be encountered in the wild.

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Keep reading on to find out the requirements for Scatterbug encounters in Pokemon GO.

How to Catch Scatterbug in Pokemon GO?

The debut of Scatterbug has presented players with the opportunity to acquire this Pokemon with a unique mechanism. In order to catch Scatterbug, players need to pin Postcards from different regions across the globe. Each area has a different Scatterbug type that evolves into a specific Vivillon.

How to Pin Postcards in Pokemon GO?

You can get Postcards by opening gifts from your friends. Postcards are attached to the gifts you receive from your friends and can be pinned in your Postcards Book. Gifts can be received from your friend by visiting the Pokestop or Gym. While opening a gift, just press the Pin button that lets you pin its Postcard in the book.

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When do you encounter Scatterbug in Pokemon GO?

As described earlier, the requirement for encountering Scatterbug in Pokemon GO is pinning Postcards from different regions. Once you pin your first Postcard from any region, you unlock the Vivillon Collector Medal. It is required to enable Scatterbug encounter events across the globe.

After you’ve achieved the Vivillon Collector Medal, you can pin 3 more Postcards from a particular region to come across the first Scatterbug encounter. Catching that Scatterbug will unlock the regional Vivillon Collector Sub-medal.

See the following table to find out how many regional Postcards you need to pin for subsequent Scatterbug encounters in that region.

Scatterbug EncounterRequirement
First Regional Scatterbug EncounterPin 1 Postcard
Second Regional Scatterbug EncounterPin 9 Postcards
Additional Regional Scatterbug EncounterPin 15 Postcards

You can navigate your Medal Section to claim the Scatterbug encounter after pinning an adequate number of Postcards. Simply select the Encounter icon in the section.

Scatterbug Base Stats in Pokemon GO

Now that you know how to get Scatterbug in Pokemon GO, you must be wondering how much of a punch this Pokemon packs. Unfortunately, Scatterbug’s base stats are sub-par, as it doesn’t have much to offer combat-wise. However, the real strength of Scatterbug lies in its evolution into stronger Pokemon, Spewpa and Vivillon.

With that said, take a look at the base stats of Scatterbug listed below:

Sp. Attack27
Sp. Defense25

With the debut of Scatterbug in Pokemon GO, players are already on the hunt to find and evolve it. While there isn’t a time limit to acquire and evolve Scatterbug, pinning the Postcards from eligible regions is undoubtedly time-consuming. Therefore, you should get on the grind as soon as possible to collect all the variations of this little bug Pokemon.