Overwatch 2 – How to Build an Effective Team Comp

Overwatch 2 – How to Build an Effective Team Comp
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Overwatch 2, much like its predecessor, is anything but a solo sport. The occasional Deathmatch aside, you aren’t going to get far in Overwatch 2 without the help of your team. And if you really want to perform at your peak, you’re going to need to think about your Team Comp. 

We’ll teach you how to build a team comp in Overwatch 2, and soon you’ll be operating as part of a well-oiled match-winning machine. 

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Overwatch 2 Team Comp – Role Distribution 

Overwatch 2 Team Comp Roles

Overwatch 2’s team roles are divided into clear categories. Each team is allowed one tank hero, two damage heroes and two support heroes. Tanks soak up damage and pull enemy attention from their teammates as often as possible. Damage heroes focus on taking out the opposition and creating holes in their defense. And Support heroes heal and augment their team’s capabilities with damage and movement buffs, shield distribution, and more. 

When considering your team comp in Overwatch 2, it’s essential to be comfortable in a variety of team roles. Rather than picking damage, tank, or support and sticking to it, players should be comfortable in all kinds of different roles and characters, so that they can grant the team flexibility and switch roles depending on what is needed from moment to moment. 

Overwatch 2 Team Comp – Tailor Your Characters To The Team 

Overwatch 2 Team Comp Character List
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While your team is locking in their starting choices, try to consider which characters will perform well together in your particular team comp. Tank, Damage, and Support are all broad categories, and each hero within those categories performs in an entirely unique manner. 

For example, if all your team’s damage characters excel at dashing in and taking the initiative, you could consider what type of support would suit them best. Long-range support from a safe distance with Ana, a healer that is equally effective in close combat like Moira, or the movement-boosting capabilities of Lucio, who will match their fast and aggressive playstyle. All of these are valid options, and if one tactic isn’t working mid-match, don’t be afraid to try another. 

Each hero category has a wealth of options to choose from. While you might want to stick with the characters you are most comfortable with, building an effective team comp requires stepping out of your comfort zone and considering which character would most benefit your team. 

Look For Synergies Wherever Possible 

Kiriko and Kitsune

Overwatch 2’s extensive roster of heroes provides a huge number of opportunities for character pairings to become more than the sum of their parts. 

Maybe the most well-known example of this is ‘Pharmercy’. Pharah and Mercy can be an overwhelmingly effective duo because of how their skills sync up. Both are flying characters that can stay indefinitely airborne. Pharah is capable of raining down rockets, the damage of which will be boosted by Mercy. And the two are able to harass the enemy team much more often than Pharah alone thanks to Mercy’s dedicated healing

When building a team comp, look for characters that complement each other’s skills in this way as often as possible.  

Once you have roles, complementary characters, and specific synergies locked down, your team comp will put you in a ready position to take on Overwatch 2’s toughest challenges.