Overwatch 2 Season 9 Champions Battle Pass Skins and Items – all Battle Pass rewards

Overwatch 2 Season 9 Champions Battle Pass Skins and Items – all Battle Pass rewards
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Wondering what’s in the new Season 9 Battle Pass of Overwatch 2? With every new season of Blizzard’s hero shooter comes tons of new content for fans to earn and enjoy.

Season 8 of Overwatch 2 was particularly strong, introducing a new hero Mauga, and tons of fun cosmetics to earn in the battle pass. This includes the Mythic skin that each new season gets. But, with Season 8 coming to an end and Season 9 on its way, it’s out with the old and in with the new. What’s in the Season 9 Battle Pass? We’re here to let you know.

What’s in the Overwatch 2 Season 9 Battle Pass and how to unlock it

The new Season 9 Battle Pass will contain tons of brand-new cosmetics, such as skins, victory poses, sprays, voice lines, icons, and more. Each of these cosmetics can be earned by ranking up through the Battle Pass tiers.

With each tier you rank up to, a new reward will unlock. You rank up through tiers through gameplay. There are three different types of Battle Pass to rank up through:

  • Standard Battle Pass (Free)
  • Premium Battle Pass (1,000 Overwatch Coins)
  • Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle ($39.99)

There are rewards that you can earn through the free Standard Battle Pass, however, to unlock all of the possible rewards, you need to get the Premium Battle Pass.

The Ultimate Battle Pass allows you to rank up through the tiers faster but includes the same rewards as the Premium Battle Pass.

How long is the Season 9 Battle Pass?

The Season 9 Battle Pass has 80 tiers of both free and premium cosmetics to earn. For the entire length of Season 9, you’ll be able to grind the tiers of the battle pass to earn the rewards.

80 Tiers is the standard amount for an Overwatch 2 Battle Pass. The best reward, the season’s Mythic skin, will be unlocked only at tier 80.

New Skins in Season 9 Battle Pass

Torbjorn in an Overwatch 2 Season 9 skin
Image via Blizzard

There are several new skins coming with the Season 9 Battle Pass, including the new Mythic skin, Ancient Caller Moira. This skin is Eldritch Horror-themed, featuring tons of eyeballs and tentacles. This skin is unlocked at the highest tier of the Battle Pass.

Along with the Mythic skin are plenty of Epic and Legendary skins that can be unlocked through the Battle Pass at lower tiers. These include Survivor Soldier: 76, Tentacle Horror Torbjörn, Horror Hog Roadhog, and more. Many of these are also Eldritch Horrors, to go with the theme for the season, titled Champions.

New Weapon Skins in Season 9

Mauga uses the Jade weapon skin in Overwatch 2
Image via Blizzard

Along with new skins for heroes, Season 9 also includes new Jade weapon skins to earn through Competitive Play.

These go along with the Gold weapon skins that can also be unlocked through competitive play. Hard Light weapon skins also became available in Season 8. Blizzard is on track to release more weapon skins to allow for more customization in the future.

Golden Weapon Skins

Golden weapon skins, for a majority of Overwatch’s life, had been the only weapon skins players could unlock. Season 8 was the first season to introduce new weapon skins, and Season 9 continues this with the Jade weapon skins.

That’s everything you need to know about the Season 9 Battle Pass of Overwatch 2. Be sure to check out our game space for Overwatch 2 so you don’t miss out on any news for the popular hero team shooter.

Overwatch 2 Season 9 Battle Pass FAQs

How many tiers are in the Season 9 Battle Pass?

There are 80 tiers in the Season 9 Battle Pass, just like the previous seasons. Tier 80 is where you unlock the Mythic skin for the season.

What’s the theme of the Season 9 Battle Pass?

The Season 9 Battle Pass for Overwatch 2 is Eldritch Horror-themed. There are tons of tentacles, eyeballs, and other creature-themed cosmetics.