Overwatch 2 Mauga release date, abilities, and how to unlock

Overwatch 2 Mauga release date, abilities, and how to unlock
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Need to know more about Overwatch 2’s Season 8 hero Mauga? This heavyweight had players requesting him to be added since his first appearance in the comics, and now he’s finally here.

Seasons 8’s release is sure to shake up gameplay, from including a new map to a new game mode. While Blizzard has also been adding other updates like unranked rage-quit penalties, what everyone’s most excited for is the new hero to join the lineup. Who is Mauga, and what are his abilities? How do you unlock him? We’re here to let you know all the details.

Who is the Overwatch 2 Season 8 hero?

Mauga, the new hero coming in Season 8 of Overwatch 2, is the 39th hero to be added to the roster. He’s a tank hero who works for the terrorist organization Talon, where he worked closely with Baptiste. He’s a massive beast of a man, being physically augmented in strength and size after an injury.

Mauga was available for a trial period in November of 2023, before his full release on December 5, 2023. Mauga is designed to work best in close combat, being able to brute force his way through nearly anything. His two chainguns can be fired together or separately, and along with the rest of his kit, he’s a beast on the battlefield.

What could have been

Mauga was originally meant to be the 31st Overwatch hero. However, the abilities and kit originally made for him didn’t fit his personality. Developers created a new hero to suit these abilities, becoming Sigma.

All Mauga abilities

  • Primary Fire: Incendiary Chaingun

One of Mauga’s chainguns, this one is named “Gunny”. This gun ignites enemies after taking repeated hits from it. You can move at normal speed while firing.

  • Secondary Fire: Volatile Chaingun

Mauga’s other chaingun, named “Cha-Cha”. This chaingun deals critical damage to opponents who are burning. Light enemies up with Gunny, and deal tons of critical damage with Cha-Cha. You move at normal speed when firing. However, when firing both guns together, you move slower.

  • Ability: Overrun

Mauga will charge forward and stomp, then launch enemies. He also becomes unstoppable while using this ability. It will end after eight steps, but you can stomp early by hitting primary fire. Overrun also counts as a jump; you can clear small gaps by using it to avoid falling. The only way Overrun can be stopped mid-charge is a hack from Sombra or running into another charging Mauga.

Overwatch 2's new hero Mauga uses his Cardiac Overdrive ability.
Image via Blizzard
  • Ability: Cardiac Overdrive

Mauga and any close teammates will be able to heal by dealing damage and take reduced damage. 60% of the damage dealt will be converted to healing, and everyone will get 30% reduced damage. As mentioned, you do need to be close to Mauga to receive this buff, as well as be in his line of sight.

  • Ultimate: Cage Fight

Mauga deploys a barrier that traps himself and his enemies inside, chaining them to him. He’ll receive unlimited ammo for the duration, allowing him to do massive damage to anyone trapped inside. Any foes who aren’t chained that walk into the barrier will also become leashed. Enemies can still fire inside the barrier, but Mauga can also shoot out of it.

  • Passive: Berserker

Mauga is able to gain temporary health from dealing critical damage, from either headshots or from firing Cha-Cha at burning enemies. He can gain a maximum of 150 overhealth from Berserker.

How to unlock Mauga in Overwatch 2

Mauga will launch the same day Season 8: The Call of the Hunt begins, which is December 5, 2023. He’ll be unlockable from day one, either from purchasing the Premium Battle Pass or from reaching tier 45 of the free battle pass. If you’ve unlocked previous heroes, this should be familiar.

Mauga is a welcome addition to the roster and is sure to shake up the gameplay.

That’s everything you need to know about Overwatch 2’s Season 8 hero. Be sure to check out how to earn coins and our Overwatch 2 Flashpoint guide so you’re ready for anything the new season has to offer.

Mauga FAQ

When does Mauga release?

Mauga joins the game on December 5, 2023, the same day Season 8 launches.

How do you unlock Mauga?

Mauga can be unlocked by reaching tier 45 of the standard Battle Pass, or immediately upon purchasing the Premium Battle Pass.