Overwatch 2 Season 8 Battle Pass – skins, cosmetics, new hero, and contents

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Need to know what’s in the new Season 8 Battle Pass of Overwatch 2? Each new season of Overwatch 2 brings plenty of new content to the table, and Season 8 is no different. There’s tons to get.

As soon as Season 8 starts, all the new additions will be yours to get. From the new map to play on to various new game modes, Call of the Hunt is sure to get players excited. Although we’re sad to see Season 7 end, there’s tons to enjoy in Season 8. And, with the new Battle Pass, there are plenty of new rewards to earn. What is in the new Season 8 Battle Pass? We’re here to give you all the details.

What’s in the Season 8 Battle Pass of Overwatch 2?

The new Battle Pass for Season 8 will include new skins, along with other cosmetics like sprays, voice lines, emotes, player icons, and more. Along with these cosmetics is the ability to unlock the new playable hero, Mauga.

The Battle Pass consists of tiers that players can rank up through by playing the game. Each tier unlocks new rewards for the player. There are three different types of Battle Pass:

  • Standard Battle Pass (Free)
  • Premium Battle Pass (1,000 Overwatch Coins)
  • Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle ($39.99)

The Standard pass is the free version. Every player will get access to it, and be able to earn the 25 free cosmetics that are available in it. The Premium pass consists of 80 tiers to work through, with exclusive rewards. Finally, the Ultimate pass includes 20 tier skips, more exclusive Legendary skins, and 2,000 Overwatch Coins to spend.

Season 8 Battle Pass Hero

A close up of the new hero Mauga in Overwatch 2.
Image via Blizzard

Season 8 introduces the new tank hero Mauga for players to enjoy. Like previous hero releases in Overwatch 2, Mauga can be earned through the season’s Battle Pass. With the Standard Battle Pass, you’ll need to reach tier 45 to unlock Mauga to use. However, with the purchase of the Premium or Ultimate Battle Pass, you’ll automatically unlock him.

A little bit easier

Originally, new heroes would be unlocked on tier 55 of the season’s Battle Pass instead of tier 45. It was lowered after Blizzard received criticism, with players saying it was too hard to reach tier 55 for anyone but hardcore players.

Season 8 Battle Pass Skins

Three color palettes for the new Grand Beast Orisa skin.
Image via Blizzard

One of the most exciting parts of the new Battle Pass is the endless skins players can unlock. The biggest addition is the new Mythic skin, Grand Beast Orisa. She can be unlocked on the highest tier of the Premium Battle Pass. A new feature to this season is the ability to unlock previous Mythic skins if you missed out on them in the past.

However, that’s not the only skin. There are two new Epic skins available through the Standard Battle Pass. The Premium Battle Pass includes the six Legendary skins that are coming with the new season. The Ultimate Battle Pass lets players earn three exclusive skins; the Magma Mauga Legendary skin, the Wild Tracker Widowmaker Legendary skin, and the Magma Moira Epic skin. Be sure to check out all the skins you can earn in Season 8.

Another new feature with the Battle Pass this season is new weapon skins for heroes. This will let you alter what the hero’s weapon looks like. This season will introduce Hard Light weapons for Mercy, Reaper, and Reinhardt.

Reinhardt, Reaper, and Mercy with the new Hard Light weapons.
Image via Blizzard

The Battle Pass, both standard and free editions, also includes tons of cosmetics like sprays, voice lines, victory poses, and more.

That’s everything you need to know about the Battle Pass for Season 8 of Overwatch 2. Be sure to check out how to preload Season 8 so that as soon as the new season starts, you’ll be ready to go.

Season 8 Battle Pass FAQs

What’s in the new Battle Pass for Season 8?

The Season 8 Battle Pass includes new skins like the Mythic skin Grand Beast Orisa, the new hero Mauga, and other cosmetics to earn.

How many tiers of the Battle Pass are there?

Like previous seasons, there are 80 tiers to work through in the Season 8 Battle Pass to earn loot from.

Is the Season 8 Battle Pass free?

There is a Standard Battle Pass that is available for free, however, you can’t earn all the Battle Pass rewards from it. You need to get the Premium Battle Pass to unlock everything Season 8 has.

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