Overwatch 2 – How to Ping on Console and PC

Overwatch 2 – How to Ping on Console and PC
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Learning to wield pings is an integral part of Overwatch 2, especially as you move up the competitive ranks, where communication becomes the pillar of any victory. For more casual players, the ping system allows you to communicate effectively without jumping on voice chat – we’ve all wanted to switch it off when things get a little dicey without sacrificing the team’s chances. Now we can.

With that out of the way, how exactly do you ping on console and PC in Overwatch 2?

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How to Ping in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Ping
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Assuming you haven’t set up custom controls in Overwatch 2, the ping system is bound to the following by default:

  • Keyboard – G key
  • Mouse – Middle mouse button
  • Controller – Left on the D-pad

Depending on where your crosshair is pointing, tapping any of these binds once fires off a ping to highlight an enemy, location, or objective.

Pressing the ping button twice alerts your teammates to a specific position – determined by where your crosshair is pointing – where you think an enemy/threat may be. It’s a valuable warning tool.

Holding the Overwatch 2 ping button brings up a radial menu with eight options. These are more situational and functional pings, allowing you to call specific shots or share helpful info. With the wheel up on your screen, hover over the option you want and let go of the ping button to fire it off. As with other pings, the ping location will correspond with where you’re aiming.

Overwatch 2 Ping
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Here are all eight Overwatch 2 ping wheel options:

  • Watching Here – Lets teammates know you’re watching the pinged location.
  • Enemy – Pings an enemy’s location.
  • Going In – Advises teammates you’re heading to the pinged location.
  • Defending – Lets teammates know you’re defending at a specific location.
  • Attacking – Lets teammates know you’re attacking at a specific location.
  • Countdown – Triggers a countdown to coordinate, for example, an attack or volley of ultimates.
  • Need Help – Calls for help at the pinged location.
  • Fall Back – Advises teammates to back off from a specific location.

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Ping Settings

Overwatch 2 Ping
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Accompanying Overwatch 2’s ping system is a range of customizable settings. To access these, open up the menu, tap options -> controls – > communication. Scroll down to find a section dedicated to the ping system. Here you can tweak the ping bind and assign keys for specific calls.

Under Ping-Options, you’ll find several ping-specific settings. Here’s a breakdown of what each does:

  • Enemy Ping Sensitivity – Determines at what distance you crosshair needs to be from an enemy to ping them.
  • Double-Press Speed – The double-click/press speed required to send off a warning ping.
  • Ping Wheel Press Delay – Determines the length of time between pressing the ping button and the wheel appearing on screen.
  • Ping Opacity – Adjust the transparency/brightness of on-screen pings.
  • Enable Automatic Need Help – Toggles on/off an automatic call for help when your health is low.
  • Confirm/Cancel Ping Sensitivity – Much like Enemy Ping Sensitivity, determines how far your crosshair needs to be from a ping to confirm/cancel it.
  • Injured Ally Ping Sensitivity – Determines how far your crosshair needs to be from an enemy to ping them as injured.
  • Enable Opacity Scaling – Adjusts ping opacity based on the environment and lighting.
  • Show Confirm/Cancel Prompts – Toggles confirm/cancel prompts on and off.

Blizzard has repeatedly stressed that the ping system is a work-in-progress, so we’re likely to see changes based on player feedback in the weeks and months ahead. For now, that wraps up how to ping on console and PC in Overwatch 2.

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