NBA 2K24 – How to Alley Oop

NBA 2K24 – How to Alley Oop
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Wondering how to alley oop in NBA 2K24? Then you have come to the right place. With the latest 2K Sports offering now available worldwide, it’s time to start crafting those highlight reel plays.

Adding an effective alley oop play into your playbook is going to be hugely beneficial as they are incredibly hard to defend if they are executed correctly. In addition to this, they also look really slick if you can pull them off in NBA 2K24.

Here is everything you need to know about how to alley oop in NBA 2K24.

How to alley oop in NBA 2K24

An alley oop is a play where the ball handler throws a high pass to a leaping teammate, who then finishes off the play with either a dunk or a layup before they hit the floor.

The first thing you need to know is how to throw the first pass in the alley oop sequence. There are three types of pass you can make, a standard alley oop, a self alley oop or a bounce pass alley oop. Here is how to run each of them:

How to throw up an alley oop

  • Alley oop: With the analogue stick pointing towards your intended target, double tap triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox).
  • Self alley oop: Double tap triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox) whilst running towards the basket.
  • Bounce pass alley oop: Whilst pointing your analogue stick towards the receiver, press X and O (PlayStation) or A and B (Xbox)

Once you have perfected the pass, you’ll need to learn how to finish off the play. Here is how to ensure you have the best chance of turning those plays into points.

How to finish an alley oop

  • Wait for the dunk metre to appear on screen. Once it has appeared, hit square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) when the metre is as close to the white line as possible.

If you are playing on a mode where you are only in possession of a single player – think MyCAREER or similar – then you can call for an alley oop pass off your teammates by making a dash for the hoop and double tapping triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox).

In order to give yourself the best chance of success when running an alley oop, you will want to consider the players that you are using. Look to select a player with a high pass rating when beginning the sequence, and aim towards a big man who has a high dunk rating.

That is everything you need to know about how to alley oop in NBA 2K24. Check out the NBA 2K24 locker codes and how to redeem them.