NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Badges

NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Badges
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What are the best shooting badges in NBA 2K24? NBA 2K24 arrived last week, and many fans are already hard at work improving their new builds and leveling up their badges. That’s right! This year you have the control to level up your badges to Silver, Gold and Hall of Fame by logging in quality performances in the various game modes you can play in MyCAREER.

Although fans of the community are already eager to get their hands on the new NBA 2K24 locker codes, many are very much entrenched with improving their new builds and the set of badges they have, considering all the new changes that arrived. But for those that are perhaps making a build for the first time or maybe want to revisit which are most important to level up, we cover the best selection of shooting badges in NBA 2K24 here, detailing which ones will be well worth the grind and which ones won’t.

NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Badges criteria

The criteria that we have for the best shooting badges in NBA 2K24 is pretty clear-cut and straightforward. On new-generation consoles, fans have their badges divided in four Tiers – S, A, B, and C. With NBA 2K24 deeming the S-Tier badges as the ‘best’ of the bunch, the A-Tier tends to come with the second best set while the B and C Tiers consist of a mix between generic and specific badges that are much easier to unlock and level up.

However, because there are great shooting badges in each Tier, we decided that we will rank the best badges available in each that are worth striving for as you improve your build in MyCAREER. Along with other noteworthy details, this guide will include analysis on the different height and skill attribute requirements you need for each badge.

NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Badges list

Before we dive into our best shooting badges list, it’s important to keep in mind that some of your badges might be located in a different Tier depending how tall your player is. So though most fans will have the Catch and Shoot badge in the S-Tier for example, it will be available in the A-Tier for those who have a height of 5’7″.

To avoid any confusion down below, we listed each shooting badge in the Tier that they will be most commonly found in based on height. On that note, here’s a look at our best shooting badges list.


1. Catch and Shoot

The best shooting badge from the S-Tier collection, is none other than that of Catch and Shoot. When having the Catch and Shoot badge equipped, the shooter’s ability to knock down jump shots gets a significant boost for a short time after receiving a pass. This is extremely helpful to have for those that are perimeter scorers, but applies all over the court and makes for the best S-Tier shooting bade in NBA 2K24. Those on aiming to secure Catch and Shoot Gold will need 85 three-point shot and 82 mid-range shot, while anyone striving for Hall of Fame will need 95 three-point shot and 93 mid-range.

2. Claymore

Following Catch and Shoot is that of Claymore, which increases the ability to knock down perimeter shots when spotting up. If you’re game is oriented around catching and shooting and entails of little to no dribbling, Claymore will be an excellent badge to have and is available as an S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier badge depending on the height you have. Seeing that this badge caters to those who score predominantly from behind the arc, fans will need to have an 82 three-point shot for Gold Claymore and 92 for Hall of Fame.

3. Deadeye

When equipping the Deadeye badge, jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest. Because defense has grown to be such an influential aspect of NBA 2K24, Deadeye is a really helpful badge, and isn’t super limited to just three-point shot attempts. Seeing how popular this badge is, NBA 2K24 has it listed as an S-Tier badge for every height option. And if you plan on getting Gold or Hall of Fame Deadeye, you will need to have your mid-range and three-point shots well into the 90s – Gold requires 90 mid and 92 three, while Hall of Fame demands 98 mid and 99 three.

4. Limitless Range

If you’re a big time three-point shooter, this is the badge for you, as it extends the range from which a player can shoot three-pointers effectively from deep. So if you’re trying to immolate your game to that of Stephen Curry, then the Limitless Range badge has your name on it. Though it’s a good badge to have, it’s limited to those that want to shoot three-point shots only. Along with the fact that this is an S-Tier and A-Tier badge, fans will need to have 96 three-point shooting for Gold Limitless Range and 99 for Hall of Fame.

5. Blinders

Of all the S-Tier badges, Blinders is the worst of the bunch, allowing jump shots taken with a defender closing out in their peripheral vision to suffer a lower penalty. If you thought Corner Specialist or Limitless Range were limiting, Blinders is a very specific badge that is helpful, but should not be on the top of your S-Tier priority list. In fact, this badge is under the A-Tier for those that are 7’0 or taller. And though the Gold version is within reach seeing it asks for 89 mid-range and 90 three-point shot, the Hall of Fame requires 97 mid and three-point shooting.

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1. Green Machine

The best B-Tier badge is that of Green Machine. This badge when equipped gives an additional shot boost when consecutively achieving excellent releases on jump shots. Seeing that is the goal of anyone shooting the rock in NBA 2K24, this badge is helpful to have when scoring from anywhere on the court and is a must-have. For those looking to have Gold Green Machine, you will need 88 mid-range shooting and 89 three-point, while for anyone aiming to have Hall of Fame Green Machine, will need 95 for both.

2. Agent 3

If three-point shooting is your go-to method when scoring, than Agent 3 is the badge for you as it improves the ability to make pull-up shots from three point range. This badge is exclusively for those that score from downtown and is a game changer to have if you aim to put up a lot of three-point shots. Along with Green Machine, this is one of the most underrated badges in NBA 2K24 and goes a long way when helping you knock down threes. To secure Gold Agent 3 you will need to have 94 three-point shooting, while anyone aiming for Hall of Fame needs 98.

3. Space Creator

After going through multiple badges that cater to catching and shooting, the space creator is a great one for those that like to create shots off the dribble. When equipped, the Space Creator badge increases a player’s ability to hit shots after creating space from a defender as well as after crossing up an opponent on step-back moves. Because scorers lean on their ball handling quite a bit, this badge really comes in the clutch when using that approach and gives you boosts in and outside the three-point arc. Gold Space Creator requires 87 three-point and 88 mid-range, while Hall of Fame demands 94 three-point and 96 mid-range.

4. Post Fade Phenom

Unless you like to post fade a lot in NBA 2K24, this badge is really not worth much of your attention. Improving a player’s ability to make post fades and hop shots, the Post Fade Phenom is at the bottom of the barrel in our A-Tier rankings, and is actually listed as a C-Tier for some. Though it has easier Gold and Hall of Fame badge requirements than most, it’s not worth the hassle unless you love to tap into your post game from in and around the paint.

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1. Open Looks

The best B-Tier badge, though we only have two listed, is that of the new Open Looks badge. Improving a player’s ability to make wide open jump shots, the Open Looks shooting badge helps out with an important aspect of scoring the basketball, which is knocking down open shots. Because NBA 2K24 is aware of the anticipation and pressure that comes with nailing open shots, this badge assists you with just that, which makes it one of the more underrated shooting badges to have. To secure Gold Open Looks, fans need 86 mid-range and 88 three-point, while those going for Hall of Fame just need 90 mid-range and 93 three-point shooting.

2. Corner Specialist

Very much like Limited Range, Corner Specialist caters to those that find themselves shooting a lot of corner threes, with deep range shots taken along the baseline of the court receiving a boost, whether it is off the dribble or off a catch. Although the location is specified, it’s a helpful badge to equip and elevates your game immensely when playing out of those areas on the court. Despite us listing this badge under the B-Tier, it’s also an A and S-Tier badge for some as well, requiring 85 three-point shot for Gold Corner Specialist and 94 for Hall of Fame.

3. Middy Magician

Seeing NBA 2K24 has a badge specifically for three-point shooting, they also have one for mid-range shooting as well known as Middy Magician. When equipped, the Middy Magician badge boosts the effectiveness of pull-ups and spin shots from the mid-range area. Though it’s geared specifically for those that score from the mid-range, the mid-range area also happens to be one of the biggest domains on the court and a great spot to score from. In order to equip Gold Middy Magician, fans need 84 mid-range shot, while for Hall of Fame, 92 is required.

4. Guard Up

Though this is a helpful badge to have, it’s not a crucial one. When equipped, the Guard Up badge increases ones’ ability to make jump shots when defenders fail to properly contest. In short, this is very specific to capitalizing on players mistakes, which can happen, but often don’t. So how much you will need use this badge is based on how many mistakes you can force or come across, which will be a small percentile of your play. For Gold Guard Up you need 82 mid-range and 87 three-point range, whereas for Hall of Fame, you need 91 mid-range and 94 three-point shooting.

5. Spot Finder

The least important B-Tier badge is that of Spot Finder, which improves a player’s ability to quickly get open off the ball and raises the chances of knocking down the shot off the catch. Though it’s a B-Tier badge for most of the height requirements, this badge is a C-Tier option for some as well and for good reason, mainly because it’s geared towards finding open shots to capitalize on. Though its skill attribute requirements are lower than most, it does come with mid-range, three-point shooting, close shot, and acceleration levels you need to meet across the board, making it a bit more trickier to level up.


1. Comeback Kid

Though the Comeback Kid badge is a B-Tier one for many, we have it under the C-Tier mainly because it boosts shooter’s mid-range and three-point abilities when trailing in a game. Not only might you find yourself not trailing often, but also how many times will you have the ball in your hands when trailing as well. As a result, it’s one of the badges we recommend you keep on the back burner, particularly since it’s fairly easy secure both Gold and Hall of Fame Comeback Kid – Gold requires 75 mid and 79 three-point while Hall of Fame demands 86 mid and 89 three-point shooting.

2. Slippery Off-Ball

If you’re big on catch and shooting in NBA 2K24, the Slippery Off-Ball badge will help you a lot. Upon equipping this badge, players can navigate through traffic more effectively when attempting to get open off screens. Because its focus is so specific to finding open spots and shaking away from defenders, it should by no means be on the top of your priority list. But if you do orient your game around three-point shooting, it will go a long way and makes for an underrated C-Tier badge.

3. Free Points

Last but not least is that of Free Points. If you’re like James Harden and find yourself living at the free throw line when playing NBA 2K24, this badge is perfect for you. When in use, free throw attempts that occur in clutch moments receive a boost. So if you’re the go-to free throw taker for your team during clutch moments, yes the badge is worth it. But if that’s not your role, then this shooting bade should be the very last you prioritise.

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