NBA 2K23 – How To Get Tattoos

NBA 2K23 – How To Get Tattoos
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With NBA 2K23 being out since September of last year, many of you enjoying MyCAREER likely have player builds that are pretty elite with overalls in the 90s. Whether you’re still grinding away in neighborhood modes or have continued to plow through seasons with the team you selected offline, there’s still a lot to be had in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, particularly when it comes to customizing your player with new clothing, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, and of course, tattoos.

Though you will find athletes with tattoos in every sport, tattoos have established a different level of meaning in the NBA, considering how much more skin basketball players expose. And just like the fashion uniqueness players bring with their own style, tattoos also serve as a special way to highlight a players’ individuality through the art work displayed on their body.

In short, tattoos represent a unique aspect of the culture of basketball. And NBA 2K has done a very nice job implementing this feature into the game over the last few years, allowing fans to get all kinds of different ink work done.

But for some of you who still don’t have any tattoos and are thinking about getting one, you might be wondering how you can go about doing so in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER. Well should that be the case, you’ve come just to the right place. In this guide, we breakdown how you can go about getting tattoos in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER for both next-gen and current-gen consoles.

NBA 2K23 MyCAREER – How to get tattoos

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Getting tattoos in NBA 2K23 is actually quite straightforward, whether you’re on a next-gen or current-gen console. Down below we take you through how to get tattoos for each neighborhood experience NBA 2K23 caters in its MyCAREER mode.

The G.O.A.T. Boat

Upon entering the neighborhood on the G.O.A.T. Boat, you’ll first need to head to the Second Deck to visit the Promenade. Once you exit the main elevator on the Promenade floor in front of The Galleon 1v1 entrance, make a hard left and you’ll see a shop called ‘The Paint Tattoo’.

As soon as you locate The Paint Tattoo, enter it and you will load into the shop. Once you’re inside, you will be presented with all the different types of tattoo designs available, be it sleeves, animals, NBA logos, letters and numbers, or something else entirely.

Once you make your selection, you will have to hit ‘Add Tattoo’ and then press the ‘Place Tattoos’ button in order to decide where you want to have it on your body. As soon as you pick where you want it to be, you will then have the option to adjust it to your liking and scale it to the size you want it to be.

When you complete your scaling and positioning work with the tattoo you selected, press the ‘Place’ button and then hit ‘Get Inked’ next. The cart with the price of your tattoo will pop up, and when it does, you’ll just need to press the ‘Check Out’ button, and upon doing so, will receive your new ink!

The City

Getting tattoos in The City is a bit easier and smoother than doing so from just one location on the G.O.A.T. Boat. In short, NBA 2K23’s The City has two different types of tattoo shops, one for sleeves and one for every type of tattoo you can get in the game.

If you’re aiming to get a sleeve, you can visit the ‘Tattoo Envy’ shop in the West Mall Station, where they exclusively only allow you to pick tattoo sleeve work. Should you want something smaller or maybe a design that’s more affordable, you can visit the ‘The Paint Tattoo’ shop in the East Mall Station where you will be able to get all the other designs available, including sleeves.

The biggest difference between The G.O.A.T. Boat and The City (aside from the two kinds of shops), is the fluidity of the tattoo process. In The City, all you need to do is walk into the shops without having to deal with any load in step, and can just select your tattoo from the portfolio they have to offer. Once you do so, you can position it and scale just like you can in The G.O.A.T. Boat, before placing it and getting it inked.

Expert Tips

Before we wrap up this guide on how to get tattoos in NBA 2K23, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when getting them. For starters, should you not like the tattoo you have or the size you made it, you can go back to the tattoo shops and not only edit them, but remove them all together. The real-life permanency of tattoos isn’t something that applies in the game – so don’t worry, you can change them or remove them should you prefer something else.

The second tip to keep in mind, is that the bigger and more color the tattoo has in NBA 2K23, the more expensive it will be. This certainly applies for smaller tattoos as well, but more so for sleeves and other larger options that come with a lot of detail and color. So unless you have plenty of VC to spare, it’s probably wise to start off small and then work your way up to bigger ones as you save more coin.

NBA 2K23 How to get tattoos – FAQ

1. Is there more than one tattoo shop on The G.O.A.T. Boat in NBA 2K23?

Unfortunately no – there is only the one tattoo shop on The G.O.A.T. Boat.

2. Can you customize your own tattoos in NBA 2K23?

Yes you can. You can customize the size, the positioning, and the ratio of the tattoos available. That said, you cannot create your own from scratch or change the color schemes.

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