MW3 community breathes sigh of relief after game-changing anti-cheat measure gets added

MW3 community breathes sigh of relief after game-changing anti-cheat measure gets added
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MW3, and Activision’s CoD series in general, is no stranger to frustrating exploits from hackers. Though the game’s developers and its anti-cheat partner, RICOCHET, have introduced several countermeasures to limit their influence, some exploits have continued to slip through the cracks, much to the chagrin of casual players. Now, however, Team RICOCHET’s newly introduced anti-cheat measure is prompting plenty of celebration from the community because of its potential to level the playing field.

As part of the MW3 Season 1 Reloaded patch notes, Sledgehammer Games and Team RICOCHET have revealed that they’ve added the following anti-cheat measure to the game: “Our security detection systems now target players using tools to activate aim assist while using a mouse and keyboard. The Call of Duty application will close if detected. Repeated use of these tools may lead to further account action.”

Even though this security detection feature is still new, and its efficiency in detecting cheaters has yet to be determined, numerous players are still celebrating its introduction to MW3. Over on Reddit, several commenters below one particular post mocked Xim users, as the new anti-cheat measure will target these players the most. For those unfamiliar, Xim is a brand that releases accessories that let you map your mouse and keyboard to controller actions, giving PC players aim assist.

Unsurprisingly, some still aren’t satisfied with this latest action, as some are calling on Team RICOCHET to add countermeasures against Cronus users as well. However, only time will tell if the developers introduce more guidelines that target this equally detested section of MW3 cheaters. While you wait for its probable addition to the game, take a look at our pages on the MW3 Ranked Play rewards, the best Haymaker loadout in MW3, and the MW3 Season 1 Reloaded bundles for more shoot ’em up content.