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Best STB 556 Loadout In MW2 

While Assault Rifles in MW2 are a class that is already packed with high-performing options like the M4 and Kastov-74u, the STB 556 is a powerful new option that is taking Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer by storm. 

We’ll walk you through the best attachments, perks, equipment, and more to wield with the STB 556, so you can use this gun to its full potential in MW2. 

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MW2 – Best STB 556 Loadout 

MW2 STB Loadout
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Longtime Modern Warfare fans will be happy to know that the STB 556 is MW2’s AUG equivalent, with an updated feel to match the blistering pace of the current meta

The STB 556 is an assault rifle that veers off the beaten path, bridging the gap between the feel of an AR and an SMG. While it brings an AR’s reliable overall performance to the playing field, you’ll also find yourself at a distinct advantage is close-quarters engagements.  


MW2 – Best Perks To Equip With The STB 556

MW2 STB Perks
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Recommended PerksAlternatives
OverkillBasic Perk: Tracker
GhostBonus Perk: Focus
Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix


It never hurts to bring additional firepower into a MW2 match, and if you can find space in a base perk slot, Overkill will always be a valid choice. Broadening your options with the STB can take the form of Marksman Rifles to strengthen your long-range game, or additional rapid-fire options to make your loadout truly fearsome in mid-close engagements.  


A consistently reliable choice, Ghost will let you operate in a much stealthier manner, obscured from enemy recon. Opponents often won’t know you’re around until you gun them down in a burst of STB fire. 

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MW2 – Best Attachments For The STB 556 

Cronen Mini Red Dot 

An almost unbeatable optic attachment in MW2, the Cronen Mini Red Dot offers reliable shot placement and thin borders for a clear view of your opponents. 

Bruen MX9 Stock 

An incredible choice for mobility that will allow you to take advantage of the STB 556’s inherent affinity for run-and-gun gameplay and hip-fire potential. 


While the STB 556 is already a deadly tool in the right hands, the increase in ADS speed and stability will allow you to squeeze off shots even faster and connect with them more reliably. 

MW2 – Best Tactical Equipment to Use With The MP5 

MW2 STB  Equipment
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Heartbeat Sensor 

While the limited-use aspect of the Heartbeat Sensor can be frustrating, judicious use will grant you a distinct information advantage over your opponents. It will be exceptionally hard to ambush you with the sensor equipped, and you will easily be able to track nearby foes and rely on the STB to swiftly drop them. 

Molotov Cocktail 

This lethal, explosive device works equally well at disruption as it does a damaging option. Clear out hunkered-down enemies and send them scrambling, then pick them off with precise fire from the STB 556. 

Modern Warfare 2- Best Weapons To Pair With The STB 556 

Lockwood MK2
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.50 GS Handgun 

This Desert Eagle equivalent is outrageously powerful for a handgun. While it requires careful aim to place and connect with its shots, mastering the .50 GS is well worth it, as it allows to you keep an excellent source of damage in your back pocket. 

Lockwood MK2 Marksman Rifle 

With the STB racking up kills at medium and short range, it can help to have a long-range alternative along. The Lockwood’s deadly single-shot damage will allow you to scope out areas in advance and pick off stragglers with ease. 

MW2 – STB 556 Alternate Weapon Choices 

Lachmann Sub 

If you enjoy the pace of the STB 556 and want to fully make the transition to wielding SMGs, the Lachmann Sub is an amazing place to start. Its rapid burst damage will quickly work its way through any opponents you get the drop on. 


Modern Warfare 2’s classic, dependable Assault Rifle. The gold standard for ARs is hard to beat, and if you find yourself enamored of the STB’s weapon class, you’ll not go wrong with the M4’s reliably excellent damage and overall performance. 

MW2 STB 556 FAQ 

What are the best STB 556 attachments in MW2? 

The Cronen Mini Red Dot, Bruen MX9 Stock, and VLK LZR 7MW are the best current attachments for the STB 556.

How to Unlock the STB 556 

Rather than leveling up another weapon to unlock a receiver, reach overall rank 41 to unlock the STB 556.