How to fix MW3 Vault Edition not working

How to fix MW3 Vault Edition not working
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If you purchased the premium version of Activision’s latest CoD installment and you’re having trouble accessing it, there may have come a point where you’ve asked how to fix MW3 Vault Edition not working. Numerous players have already encountered this particular issue, so we’ll be looking at all the fixes you can utilize below to get you back into the thick of things.

Of course, if you’ve already kept yourself busy with all the content the game offers, we suggest taking a look at our recommendations for the best MW3 loadouts instead so you can dominate the competition even more. However, if you want to get rid of the MW3 Vault Edition issue once and for all, keep reading to find out what you need to do.

MW3 Vault Edition not working – how to fix

To fix the MW3 Vault Edition not working issue, you’ll simply have to wait until Season 1 begins. The main problem that players have reported upon purchasing the game’s premium version is the inability to access the Blackcell battle pass and the content that it comes with, including the 1,100 CP as well as the 50 Tier Skips. However, this is merely because this bonus can only be unlocked once the MW3 Season 1 start date kicks off in early December.

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Fortunately, the other goodies included with the Vault Edition, such as the Nemesis Operator Pack, early access to the MW3 campaign, the two Weapon Vaults, and the Soap Operator Pack, should have already been accessible upon the game’s launch. If you’re still having trouble accessing MW3, though, you may need to employ a different method to fix it, like verifying the integrity of the game’s files from your Steam library or deleting and reinstalling it completely if you play on a console.

That covers all you need to know about how to fix the MW3 Vault Edition not working issue. For more, check out our guides on how to fix MW3 daily challenges error, the MW3 max level cap, and how to inspect weapons in MW3.