What are Armory Unlocks in MW3?

What are Armory Unlocks in MW3?
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If you’re tired of grinding out levels to unlock specific attachments, equipment, and perks, you’ll undoubtedly be happy to learn about the new MW3 Armory Unlocks system. Introduced as part of the latest CoD installment, this fancy new feature lets you gain access to parts, abilities, and utilities that may be locked behind specific levels, thereby enabling you to equip optimal loadouts even at lower levels.

Of course, this new system can only function fully if you have the best MW3 loadouts equipped. If you already have your own preferred equipment sets, though, keep reading on to find out all you need to know about Armory Unlocks instead.

MW3 Armory Unlocks explained

MW3 Armory Unlocks is a new system that allows you to unlock attachments, perks, weapons, and equipment by completing a particular number of Daily Challenges. This enables you to access different types of items early that are otherwise locked behind specific account or weapon levels. The gear you can unlock through this system depends on what the game has prioritized first. However, you can manually override it by selecting which three challenges you want to queue up first.

Now, before you jump in and finish all of the Daily Challenges available, remember that the MW3 Armory Unlocks system is only available once you reach level 25. If you haven’t reached this level yet, you’ll have to do things the old-fashioned way and unlock items by leveling your weapons and account up. Fortunately, reaching the required rank shouldn’t take too long, especially if you avail of the ongoing MW3 promos.

That covers all you need to know about the MW3 Armory Unlocks system. If you want more help dominating the game’s servers, check out our guides on the best Striker loadout, the best SVA-545 loadout, and the best Renetti loadout as well.