MLB The Show 23 RTTS: How to improve rating

MLB The Show 23 RTTS: How to improve rating
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When you start a new career in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 23, your ballplayer will definitely not be a superstar yet. As you enter into the minor leagues, you have to fight to keep progressing yourself to a point where you can eventually be called up to the big leagues. Your rating at first will be low.

Luckily, you will become a better player as you have your successes and continually grow as a player. There are plenty of tools available to make sure that you raise those rating numbers to the top.

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With that in mind, here is how to raise your ballplayer’s rating in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 23.

How to get better ratings in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 23

The simplest way to raise your player’s ratings in MLB The Show 23’s Road to the Show is to keep playing and have success. Every time you do something good, like watching a pitched ball go by or get a hit, you will get updates that your player has gained a little skill in that area. At the end of each game, you will see a breakdown of the skills that got the biggest changes and see if it was enough to raise their rating in that area or not. Of course, performing poorly can also drop those ratings.

Our main recommendation is never to simulate anything. Your player will not gain anything in every game you simulate, even if they perform well. You are just taking away from their potential by skipping games.

Additionally, on days when you have no game, you may hear from a coach recommending you do some work in the Batting Cage, Practice Field, or Training Facility. These will let you choose a mini-game that lets you work on one specific skill. Always take advantage of these mini-games and get the best score possible to get a nice boost in that area.

Outside of performing well, you should always keep your player loadout updated. Whenever you unlock new equipment or perks that give you bonuses, you should remember to equip them. Getting these items in various card packs can help you become a force on the diamond.