Madden 24 Beta release date and sign up

Madden 24 Beta release date and sign up
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When is the Madden 24 Beta release date? With Madden 23 slowly fading away into the sunset, fans are starting to inquire about Madden 24 more and more with each passing week. Though Madden 23 catered a quality football video game experience for many on Ultimate Team, the same can’t be said for the Franchise and Face of the Franchise modes on the contrary, which has led many to move on from Madden 23 rather quickly throughout the course of the new year.

With the month of June right around the corner, fans have grown increasingly more curious about not only the various key details revolving around Madden 24, such as the release date, but also other important aspects that come prior to its launch, including its very own Beta period. For those that don’t know, the Beta period is a time where fans who sign up for it, receive a free opportunity to try out the newest Madden 24 edition set to arrive later this summer. Once the Beta is complete, fans can then provide their feedback about the new game before EA makes its final adjustments.

Should you be after the release date and are wondering how to sign up for the Beta, we cover all you need to know down below within the following sections of this guide.

Madden 24 Beta sign up

Madden 24

For those trying to sign up for the Madden 24 beta period, it is unfortunately no longer available at this time. In all fairness to any that didn’t get to sign up, Madden did not make it very obvious and only had a post about it on the Madden NFL Direct Twitter page. Madden content creator and streamer Popular Stranger did also post about it on his page. But despite these two sources, Madden didn’t announce anything on their main Twitter page, nor retweeted the Madden NFL Direct post.

On April 21, Madden NFL Direct stated that fans can “log in to their EA account and register for a limited Madden NFL opportunity!” The sign up was only available for those who own next generation consoles, such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, as well as for PC players. So any fans that play Madden on current generation consoles, could not participate in the beta. The sign up window ran until April 28 before closing for good.

Madden 24 Beta release date

Madden 24

The Madden 24 Beta period will likely start on Thursday, June 8. Upon heading to the EA sign up page from April 21 to April 28, Madden listed that more details about the Beta would be arriving to those who signed up come June 8. In other words, these very Beta details will likely include what fans will need to do in order to download and participate in the free beta period for Madden 24. However, Madden NFL Direct has yet to confirm this.

Last year, the Madden 23 beta period began on June 2 and ran until June 27, providing fans a long window and stretch of time to absorb all the new details the game had to offer at the time. EA has yet to announce how long the Madden 24 beta will run. But as soon as we find out, we will be sure to update this guide accordingly.

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