Last Epoch Spreading Flames – how does Spreading Flames work?

Last Epoch Spreading Flames – how does Spreading Flames work?
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Are you wondering about Last Epoch Spreading Flames? If you are wondering how does Spreading Flames work then we have you covered. After playing the game for hours, have had some decent experience with this DoT (Damage over Time) effect.

If you are wondering about Spreading Flames, you might also be interested in knowing all Last Epoch Ailments so you can proc better damage numbers on your foes. You might also be interested in checking out our Last Epoch legendary crafting guide. So how does Spreading Flames work in Last Epoch? Here is a full explanation.

What does Spreading Flames do in Last Epoch?

Spreading Flames is a damage over time (DoT) effect. This means that it procs damage numbers consistently once it has been applied to a foe. Specifically, this ailment deals consistent fire damage to the target that is affected by it similar to how the Chill and Freeze effects deal cold damage over time.

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This ailment works similarly to the Ignite ailment. The key difference between these effects is that Spreading Flames does not stack indefinitely in the same way that Ignite does. Spreading Flames instead has a chance to spread to nearby targets, allowing it to engulf multiple enemies in flames, and typically will cost you less mana. While Ignite is a stronger damage ailment, Spreading Flames is better for AoE damage output thanks to its spread in large crowds.

How to apply Spreading Flames in Last Epoch

Spreading Flames can be applied in a few ways but the easiest is to play a Mage/Sorcerer and activate the Spreading Inferno node for the Fireball spell. You can achieve the same effect by playing a Spellblade and getting the Engulfing Flames node for the Flame Reave spell. The Wildfire Shell node can be taken by the Sentinel for the Rebuke ability. A Sentinel’s Smite ability can also get you access to this DoT effect.

Spreading flames with items

You can get access to the Spreading Flames ailment with items such as Cinder Song and Firestarter’s Torch. Both are great items that get you access to this ailment if you are not playing as a Sentinel or a Mage.

That is everything you need to know if you want to deal good damage by spreading flames around the battlefield. While it does less damage to singular enemies than the Ignite Ailment, Spreading Flames is still a great effect to use for large crowds. Be sure to have other effects at the ready for if an enemy has fire resistance. You can check out other guides such as how to get dungeon keys in Last Epoch. You can also check out how to respec passives in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch Spreading Flames – FAQ

Can you stack Spreading Flames in Last Epoch?

No. This ailment does not stack. Instead, it spreads to nearby enemies.

Is Spreading Flames or Ignite better in Last Epoch?

Spreading Flames is better at spreading elemental damage to large crowds while Ignite is better for dealing spell damage to singular targets.