Is MW3 a reboot?

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A big question on the minds of many fans remains – Is MW3 a reboot? Well, not exactly. We already know that Activision did a full reboot of the Modern Warfare series with new characters and campaigns. 

With an official release date set for November 10, players can’t help but wonder whether Modern Warfare 3 will be a reboot of the original game. While we await the official Modern Warfare 3 reveal event, let’s answer your burning question and clear things up. 

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Is MW3 a reboot? 

Yes. Modern Warfare 3 (2023) is a reboot of the original Modern Warfare 3 (2011) game, and not a remake. In fact, MW3 (2023) comes with a fresh campaign that’ll pick up from where Modern Warfare 2 (2022) left off.

You will be getting a new story that’s completely unrelated to the campaign from MW3 (2011). Also, MW3 (2023) will introduce new weapons, characters and maps, giving players a breath of fresh air after MW2 (2022). 

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Modern Warfare 2 ended on a massive cliffhanger. Fans will once again step into the shoes of Captain Price and lead Task Force 141 into what could be their final showdown.

But, fans have different feelings about the MW3 reboot. Some fans are happy to see a completely new version of the old game, while others feel sad because it’s not a direct follow-up to the loved 2011 game. It’s also unclear at this point if it’ll repeat any of the story beats, twists or events that happened in the original MW3. MW2 and Modern Warfare did include some nods to their games’ original stories and references to famous set-pieces, such as the level where you repel down the side of an office building, but by and large the games are telling their own story, and it’s already deviated wildly from the original Modern Warfare games’ canon.

Yet, many players are excited for MW3 (2023) to find out what is announced during the official reveal event. 

For now, things are heating up in MW2 multiplayer. If you need help to survive the intensity, check out how to get the dog in Modern Warfare 2 to fight alongside a tactical companion. 

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