Is Hogwarts Legacy Map Big?

Is Hogwarts Legacy Map Big?
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The wizarding world introduced of Harry Potter has several different places that have been incredibly relevant to the story. For that reason, fans not only want to know which iconic places will be a part of Hogwarts Legacy, but also how big the complete map of the game will be.  If you’re also one of those Potterheads who are looking for answers about the complete map size of Hogwarts Legacy, then you’ve landed on the right page!

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Hogwarts Legacy Map Size

The Hogwarts Legacy map measures exactly 2.95 square miles or 7.65km². The extensive magical locale contains a large number of iconic locations from the popular series of novels, such as Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest. Of course, there are plenty of new areas as well that players will be able to explore, including the numerous villages and hamlets that surround the school itself.

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Although the map of Hogwarts Legacy may not be as big as other open world games like No Man’s Sky or Skyrim, it still manages to present players with plenty of content to discover since most of the locations found within can be accessed.

All Regions in Hogwarts Legacy

There are a total of 14 regions in the game that you can fully explore, which consists of the following:

  • North Ford Bog
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Hogsmeade Valley
  • North Hogwarts Region
  • South Hogwarts Region
  • Hogwarts Valley
  • Feldcroft Region
  • South Sea Bog
  • Coastal Cavern
  • Poidsear Coast
  • Marunweem Lake
  • Cragcroftshire
  • Manor Cape
  • Clagmar Coast

Before you jump on your broom and head to these areas, it’s important to keep in mind that most of them contain high-leveled enemies. The regions in the south, like Clagmar Coast and Manor Cape in particular, contain opponents that are difficult to defeat so we recommend leveling up first before heading to these locations.

Iconic Locations included in the Hogwarts Legacy map

The map of Hogwarts Legacy includes some pretty iconic places that have been mentioned in the original books. These include: 

  • Hogsmeade Village
    • Ollivanders
    • Zonko’s Joke Shop
    • Honeydukes
    • The Three Broomsticks
    • Hog’s Head
  • Hogwarts Castle
    • Room of Requirement
    • House Common Rooms
    • Hagrid’s Hut
    • Quidditch Pitch
  • Hogsmeade Station
  • Gringotts Bank* (not fully accessible; only available through cutscenes)
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Azkaban* (only makes a short appearance through a particular quest line)

Players will be able to explore these places by riding their broomsticks or their mounts across the lands, giving Potterheads a whole new perspective of the terrain.