Is there Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy?

Is there Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy? Staff Updated on by

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We’re already aware from the trailers that Azkaban and the spooky Dementors are present in Hogwarts Legacy. With such grave threats looming around the map, your only real way of scaring them off and protecting yourself is with the Patronus Charm. Therefore, many Hogwarts Legacy players are left wondering whether they conjure the Patronus charm in the game or not. Well, let’s find out!

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Can you use the Patronus Charm in Hogwarts Legacy?

Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy does not feature the Patronus charm. Even though the game has 26 other spells that you can utilize during combat, having the Patronus would’ve come in pretty handy. Nevertheless, you do get to see Dementors through a small quest called Prisoner of Love, where we get to see Azkaban in all its creepiness. 

Spoilers Ahead

But again, the Prisoner of Love quest is only available to Hufflepuffs, and the Azkaban part of the quest is only a short cutscene with Helen Thistlewood. The Dementors try to kiss you to suck your happy feelings before Helen pulls off an Expecto Patronum, revealing a rabbit Patronus just in time to save us.

Throughout the game, this will be your only encounter with the Patronus Charm, and that too if you didn’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong house.

Why is there no Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy?

While we’re not entirely sure what made the developers skip the iconic Patronus Charm, we can likely assume they were cooped up developing and refining other aspects of the game. 

There are 142 Patronuses, each with a different animal, meaning 142 distinct models. This would’ve been quite the load of work on developers, which would’ve further delayed the project. Plus, there’s also the lack of interaction with the dementors, which too is limited to Hufflepuff students in a cutscene.

Moreover, WB Games Support has already confirmed that there are no such plans to include the Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy at this moment. Hence, we can safely say that there is always room for a future update or DLC which will feature the Patronus Charm. Just hold on to that tiny speck of hope, Potterheads; you never know!

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Can you transfer your Harry Potter Fan Club Patronus to Hogwarts Legacy?

In short, no! While you get other rewards for linking your fan club account, your Patronus from your fan club can’t transfer into Hogwarts Legacy — for the time being. Given that there are 142 Patronuses, not one is programmed to be castable in Hogwarts Legacy, and transferring them would be meaningless.

The Patronus Charm is an iconic spell that we’ve all first witnessed in the Prisoner of Azkaban, and our attachments to the spell were further reinforced during Severus Snape’s final moments. As such, finding out that Patronus won’t be part of Hogwarts Legacy will undoubtedly leave some fans devastated.