Is Apex cross platform or crossplay?

Is Apex cross platform or crossplay?
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Most competitive video games released these days have cross platform or crossplay features. Crossplay allows players to play competitive games with pals using platforms like PC VS PS, Xbox VS PC, and PS VS Xbox. Apex Legends has hit the market and took the players on the run as it created a huge sensation. Players are wondering to know: Is Apex Cross platform/Crossplay? We have the answers for these interested gamers to allow them to add more fun to their gameplay.

Respawn Entertainment gained a top position in the gaming industry after launching Apex Legends. It is a battle royale game, which looks similar to other battle games but has a few differences. Players can enjoy the added augmented abilities that allow them to enjoy an edge over their rivals. For a thorough guide to which characters to play, check out our APEX Legends tier list updated for the latest season right here.

The game was released on 4th Feb 2019 and is available across multiple platforms like Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, IOS, and Android. Players would be delighted to know that no microtransactions are involved when discussing Apex Legends. The interesting part of the game? Daily and weekly challenges are available where you can earn the in-game currency – Apex Coins – to buy new cosmetics.

The unique gameplay mechanics sets Apex Legends apart from other royale games. But players will always ask, Is Apex Cross platform? Let us find out the answer!

Is Apex Legends cross platform?

Gamers would be delighted to know that Apex Legends is Cross platform compatible, but not across all platforms. If you are playing the game on an Xbox and want to compete against players with a PlayStation, It is quite possible. However, PC players are not Cross platform with console players; PC gamers will only compete against other PC players.

The Cross platform feature in Apex Legends has brought various advantages to the table, and players can enjoy them. Some of these advantages are:

  • You can play against more players
  • New opponents to meet
  • More variety of gaming experience
  • Better chances of finding your desired gaming mode

Is Apex Legends crossplay?

Apex Legends allow players to team up and play together, regardless of their platform. Players using different gaming platforms can join in and jump into the battleground to kill enemies. However, discussing the game’s progression system can lead to a complicated situation.

Apex Legends does not feature full Cross progression support. It implies that you can switch your account from PS4 to PS5, but you are not allowed to play the game and access your account using another platform. You need to rebuild your account if you have updated it on one console and transferred it to a different one.

A tip on future updates!

You might have heard rumors about the updates in Apex Legends, and here is the one! Respawn Entertainment has promised a major update that will be released later this year. The update will allow Cross progression to all platforms, and players would easily transfer their account progress to new consoles. However, there is no news about Is Apex Legends Cross platform or Crossplay, and if yes, we will let you know!