Immortals of Aveum release date, trailers, and gameplay

Immortals of Aveum release date, trailers, and gameplay
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What is the release date of Immortals of Aveum? EA’s newest shooter dives into the world of fantasy, which is an exciting move in a market over-filled with sci-fi and militaristic themes. With such a move against the norm, here is everything you need to know about Immortals of Aveum.

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What is the release date of Immortals of Aveum?

Immortals of Aveum is set to release this summer on August 22 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. While EA has largely kept their PC releases exclusive to their own storefront, this release is instantly available on the Epic Games Store and Steam at launch as well. The game has not been developed for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One at all, so it will not come to last-gen systems.

Immortals of Aveum release date: An image of a magic wielder in the game.

Immortals of Aveum pre-order

If you pre-order Immortals of Aveum, you will receive a code for the Purified Arclight sigil. This will give the Shatter Fury spell more damage and let his blue Strike spells deal more shred. We’ll know more about these bonuses as we near the Immortals of Aveum release date.

Immortals of Aveum trailer

The reveal trailer for Immortals of Aveum is below. In it, you can see some story elements as you play as Jak and learn a little about the threats to this world and the fight for control of the magic that encompasses it. You play as a Magnus, a battlemage who gains magical powers during a moment of deep distress. You’re then recruited by an elite squad of mages, the Immortalls, to quell a warlord’s ambitious conquest. There are also very quick glimpses of gameplay here.

Immortals of Aveum gameplay

Immortals of Aveum is a first-person shooter where you utilize magic as your weapons rather than traditional guns. There are three colors of magic to control:

  • Red Magic is fueled by violence. It uses energy to bring destruction to enemies.
  • Blue Magic is used to create and manipulate various forces to aid you. You can create shields or walls, grapple, pull, or push things, and more.
  • Green Magic affects enemies and objects by altering them. You can prevent enemies from being able to cast spells and fool them by creating illusions.
Immortals of Aveum release date: An image of a magic wielder fighting an enemy with a laser beam in the game.

The game has more than 25 total spells and talents to unlock and upgrade. There will also be gear you can upgrade to improve your skills further. Of course, you will battle plenty of other human wizards, but archons, constructs, and elementals will also be on the battlefield. The game’s blend of fast-paced action and magic is a unique combination that has players eagerly waiting for Immortals of Aveum to release.

You could compare Immortals of Aveum to Destiny if you wanted, but there are distinct differences. The main focus here is to properly swap between the three forms of magic in battle so you are taking advantage of their strengths.

Immortals of Aveum release date: An image of a magic wielder holding an artifact in the game.

Immortals of Aveum is a single player game. There is no indication of any multiplayer functionality. With this in mind, we can’t imagine that the game requires an internet connection outside of downloading or updating it. There is also no cross-progression functionality between platforms. There are no microtransactions, and there are no plans for DLC after launch. Check out the Baldur’s Gate 3 release date for the latest information on the sprawling RPG. Now that we’ve crossed the Remnant 2 release date, expect even more content from the procedurally generated shooter.

Is Immortals of Aevum multiplayer?

Immortals of Aveum is a single-player, first-person magic shooter.

Who is the main character in Immortals of Aveum?

Jak is the protagonist of Immortals of Aveum.