How to save in Dead Island 2

How to save in Dead Island 2
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Looking to learn how to save in Dead Island 2? Nothing quite takes the wind out of those gaming sails than an unexpected death wiping out all your hard-fought progress. Taking on the ravenous hordes of Hell-A, you’ll invariably find yourself overwhelmed and get all too familiar with the Dead Island 2 death screen.

To save you from having to retrace your steps, here’s everything you need to know on how to save in Dead Island 2. Be sure to check out our explainer on Dead Island 2 fast travel and our take on the best Dead Island 2 skills to make sure you aren’t dying quite so often.

Dead Island 2 save explained

Dead Island 2 has an autosave feature that saves the game at regular intervals. There is no way to save your game manually. As autosave features go, Dead Island 2’s is fairly generous and backs up your progress very often. From what we’ve observed, the game saves after completing main story quest objectives, when finding new weapons, after big fights, and, more importantly, just before you die, so that you always respawn a short distance away from where you were.

The system is designed so that you never lose any meaningful amount of progress and there’s no reason to worry too much about having to repeat tasks in Dead Island 2. But do note that it doesn’t save when you exit Dead Island 2, so be sure you’ve seen the autosave icon (represented by a palm tree in the bottom-right of the screen, accompanied by a ‘Saved’ message) before wrapping up your session to err on the side of caution.

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