How to Repair Gear in Final Fantasy XIV

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Having some of the best looking gear with exceptional stats is definitely something that’s extremely important in an MMORPG. However, perhaps something equally important is keeping that gear in pristine condition.

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After all, many MMORPGs, such as Final Fantasy XIV, have a mechanic where the more you use a certain piece of gear, the more it continues to deteriorate in condition until you have to eventually repair it.

Well, we’re going to go through all the ways you can repair your gear when you find the condition of your favorite gear hitting zero.

Why is Repairing Gear Important in Final Fantasy XIV

As mentioned above, the more you use a specific piece of gear, the more the condition percentage of that item will drop. When it eventually reaches zero, that gear will stop giving you any stat bonuses.

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Because of this, say that you have a piece of gear that gives you +80 strength. When the condition percentage of that gear hits zero, you’ll instantly stop receiving that stat benefit and will see an 80 point decrease in your strength as if you unequipped it.

The gear will still be in your inventory, but until you repair it to bring its condition percentage back up, you won’t be able to benefit from the stat boosts the gear provides.

How to Repair Your Gear in Final Fantasy XIV

With that being said, there are two ways of repairing your gear, with the first being easier but more expensive, and the second being a bit of a hassle, but much cheaper than the alternative.

Method #1: Having an NPC Mender Repair it For You

The first method you can use is to simply look for a mender NPC and pay them a specific amount of Gil to have your gear repaired. These NPCs can be found in multiple places, including standing around in towns or aetheryte camps.

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Fortunately, you can repair your gear at any time as long as the condition of that gear is below 100%. Although the cost of repairing a piece of gear will look to be rather minor, the higher the level of the gear you’re looking to upgrade gets, the more you’ll have to pay. This way, you’ll eventually be paying tens of thousands of Gils.

Method #2: Repairing it Yourself

The second and infinitely more convenient method is to simply repair any piece of gear you want yourself. Before repairing an item, check the information below the individual gear’s condition status in the menu to see which class conditions you have to meet in terms of level.

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Keep in mind that you’ll also need a lot of dark matter (in addition to the other required materials) if you want to use this method consistently.

When you’ve met all the conditions to repair an item, simply:

  1. Go to the item menu
  2. Look for the gear you want to repair
  3. Right click on it, after which a small menu will pop up.
  4. On that menu, click on ‘repair’

And that’s that! Your gear’s condition will instantly go up to 100%.

Final Thoughts

Although the first method is indeed more accessible, especially for beginner players, it can’t be argued that the ability to repair your gear whenever and wherever you want is too valuable to pass up.

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