How to Get Glamour Prism in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Get Glamour Prism in Final Fantasy XIV
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There’s one rule in pretty much every MMORPG that players of the genre will know all too well. If a gear looks really good, chances are it’ll have terrible statistics. Just like that, if a gear looks terrible, then it’ll have the best stats around.

Well, Final Fantasy XIV has given players the choice to bend these rules completely by using what is called the glamour feature. However, using this feature isn’t free as it requires something called glamour prism.

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We’ll be going through all the ways you can get glamour prisms for yourself in FFXIV so your character never has to wear bad looking armor again.

What is Glamour in Final Fantasy XIV

Before explaining how to unlock glamour, we believe it’s important that you know what the feature is in the first place. To put it simply, it allows players to transform the appearance of their gear to that of another gear they possess.

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Now, some of you might be thinking that this sounds completely unnecessary, as you can just change your gear manually. Well, by using glamour, the gear you apply glamour to retains its statistics and only changes forms. This means you can have the stats of an ugly high level gear but the appearance of a good looking low level gear.

How to Get Glamour Prisms in Final Fantasy XIV

There are a grand total of three ways you can get your hands on some glamour prisms. However, before you’re able to use any of them, you first have to:

  1. Be at least level 15
  2. Once you’ve reached level 15 or higher, head to Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan
  3. Look for and speak with Swyrgeim, who can be found leaning against a wall on the bay’s main square. 
  4. Speaking with her will give you the quest called ‘Color Your World’.
  5. Purchase a bottle of blood orange juice in the local inn from Folclind
  6. Bring the blood orange juice to Swyrgeim to complete the quest and unlock the glamour feature.

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Although completing this quest will get you a handful of glamour prisms automatically, you’ll soon find yourself looking for more. That’s where the three methods of getting glamour prisms come into play.

Method #1: Purchasing them From the Market Board

Although the first and quickest way of getting glamour prisms is by simply going and buying them from the market board, we, under no circumstances, recommend it. This is because of the insane markup in price that players tend to put on otherwise cheap items. If you have thousands of Gil to spend on a single glamour prism, however, then this might be a viable option for you.

Method #2: Purchasing them From the Grand Company

After you climb the ranks of your Grand Company to hit Chief Sargeant, you’ll be able to purchase glamour prisms for the relatively cheap price of 200 seals per prism. Although this is a good option for players who find themselves with some extra seals to spend, we believe there are better purchases that can be made using them.

Method #3: Crafting Them Yourself

The final and easily recommended method is simply crafting the glamour prism yourself. By progressing in more of Swyrgeim’s quests, you’ll find yourself completing one called ‘Absolutely Glamourous’.

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After you complete it, you’ll be able to craft your own glamour prisms. While the ingredients required to craft them will differ from job to job, one thing you’ll definitely need is a clear prism, which can simply be bought from Tataroga in Mor Dhona or Goberin in Western Thanalan for 200 gil each. 

Finally, each job’s glamour prism master recipe must also be purchased for 300 gil from either Tataroga or Goberin.

Final Thoughts

That was all you needed to know about getting glamour prisms in FFXIV. If you ask us, then the third method is definitely the one you should go for, as not only is it the cheapest one, but the ingredients required to craft a glamour prism can most likely be found in dungeons or in the wild, which would also make it the most convenient method.