How to Transfer Pokemon Through Pokemon HOME on Nintendo Switch, 3DS and Pokemon GO

How to Transfer Pokemon Through Pokemon HOME on Nintendo Switch, 3DS and Pokemon GO
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Wondering how to transfer Pokemon through Pokemon HOME on the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Pokemon GO? Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced a whole host of new and exciting Pokemon, as well as bringing back some fan favourites from previous games. But naturally, with not every Pokemon making the cut, you’ll want to know how to transfer Pokemon to bring your favourites to the latest generation.

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What is Pokemon HOME?

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The Pokemon HOME app is more than simply a storage tool for your Pokemon, first released by The Pokemon Company in February of 2020, this service offers a much more streamlined and convenient way to bring your old Pokemon over from one game to another.

How do you transfer your Pokemon using Pokemon HOME

The process of transferring your Pokemon using Pokemon HOME varies depending on the device you are using, and throughout this entire process, you will also need to make use of the Pokemon Bank service. Before getting to the transfer processes, here are some notes to keep in mind before planning on transferring Pokemon to or from Pokemon Bank:

  1. A Pokémon HOME Premium Plan subscription and a Pokemon Bank paid pass are required to do this
  2. Pokemon that you transfer to Pokemon Home from the Pokemon Bank can neither be transferred back to the Pokemon Bank nor used with any 3DS Pokemon titles
  3. You can transfer your ‘mons directly from Pokemon Bank to your Nintendo Switch or the Pokemon Home mobile app 

Now that you’re acquainted with some limitations of the Pokemon HOME app, it’s time to get into the transfer process. 

Nintendo Switch family

This includes the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED Model. The process to transfer Pokemon through the HOME app on each of these devices is the same:

  1. Install the Pokemon HOME App from the Nintendo Eshop and open it
  2. Choose which game you want to connect to
  3. Move your Pokemon around as you want
  4. Press the Plus button to save and exit

That was simple enough, right? Well, there are a few caveats to all this. First off, it is not possible for every Pokemon to be moved into the Gen 8 titles: Pokémon Sword and Shield. The only Pokemon that you can transfer over to either one of these are those that appear in the original Galar Pokedex, as well as the DLC Ise of Armor and Crown Tundra Pokedex.

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The next feature that you’ll have to keep in mind is that after moving a Pokemon that originated from either Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu or Let’s GO Eevee, you will no longer be able to move them back into their original games.

Lastly, you cannot bring over Pokemon from a generation ahead of them to a generation behind them, so as an example Pokemon from the now-released Scarlet and Violet titles cannot be transferred over to either of the Let’s GO titles, as they do not appear in the Kanto Pokedex.

From 3DS

When transferring Pokemon from the Nintendo 3DS you cannot individually choose which ‘mons to transfer over. Every Pokemon in the box/boxes that you select will be moved. The move is also permanent, meaning any Pokemon that you transfer to Pokemon HOME cannot then be moved to Pokemon Bank.

  1. Open the Pokemon Bank on your Nintendo 3DS and from the main menu select “Move Pokemon to Pokemon HOME”
  2. Choose which boxes you want to transfer before pressing “Done” 
  3. Open the Pokemon HOME app and generate your Moving Key (this key will only be valid for 3 minutes, so you’ll have to act fast from here!)
  4. Click on “Begin Move” before entering your Moving Key in the Pokemon Bank 

Once this is all done, the transfer will begin. Be sure not to shut off any of the services that are being used throughout this process. The move itself will be short, taking just a couple of minutes in total. Once the process is complete, you’ll find your Pokemon sitting pretty in your Pokemon HOME app.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a mobile app, so the process for transferring Pokemon to or from this game works a little differently. You will also first have to connect your Pokemon GO app to the Nintendo account with which you have linked your Pokemon HOME.

  1. From your Pokemon GO app settings scroll down and select “Pokemon HOME” and log in with your Nintendo Account
  2. Choose the Pokemon that you wish to transfer (Tap “Send Pokemon” to see a list of all the ‘mons that you are able to transfer, before selecting the Pokemon that you have decided on and tapping “Transport”)
  3. Navigate to your Pokemon HOME app on your phone and press “Yes” on the prompt notifying you that one or more Pokemon have been transferred, before scrolling down the Pokemon GO Link section and pressing “Recieve”

Now similar to the other processes, transferring Pokemon from your Pokémon GO to Pokemon HOME has quite a few restrictions as well. Namely, the number of Pokemon that you can transfer at any given time is limited by the amount of energy your GO Transporter has left. 

Not outside the Pokedex

Only certain Pokemon can be transferred between the different games. When transferring Pokemon, you can only transfer a Pokemon that is in the Pokedex of the selected game. For instance, you cannot transfer Togepi over to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet because it is not in the Pokedex.

In this regard, Legendaries and shinies cost a huge lump more energy than regular Pokemon. This GO Transporter charger up overtime, taking several days to get a full charge, but you can also spend your PokeCoins to speed up the process

The Pokemon that you can transfer with this process is slightly limited too, with each transfer being permanent. The limit that these transfers have is with respect to some special event Pokemon such as Armored Mewtwo.

That’s it for all of the ways you can transfer Pokemon using Pokemon HOME across your Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Pokemon GO. If you’re looking for some cash in Pokemon GO, check out our how to get gold coins in Pokemon GO guide. And if you’re taking on the Paldean Pokemon League, our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Elite Four guide will help you out.

Transfer Pokemon Through Pokemon Home – FAQ

What Pokemon games does Pokemon HOME work with?

Pokemon Home works with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon Shining Pearl, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon GO, Pokemon Sword, and Pokémon Shield.

Can you transfer Pokemon from outside a game’s Pokédex?

No. A game can only receive Pokémon that are in its Pokédex. You can, however, transfer regional variants between the games.