How to get Gley in The First Descendant

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Gley is one of the Descendants available for players to either purchase or unlock through many hours of grinding. However, to get Gley, you must progress a lot of the story to unlock Operation maps. You’ll also need to grind levels for some Voind Interceptor missions. Here’s everything you need to know to get and unlock Gley in The First Descendant. You’ll learn how to research the various parts, map locations for each resource, and other tips to acquire the parts.

How to get Gley in The First Descendant

To unlock Glay in the First Descendant, you need three micro researches, each taking 8 hours to complete. The three parts require a variety of resources to craft, alongside 200,000 gold to craft each part. You also need another 400,000 gold and 16 hours to complete the main recipe to finally unlock Glay. This means you need to gather around 1 million gold throughout your gameplay. Furthermore, you need to complete a total of 40 hours of research time ticking in the background.

Alternatively, you can purchase Gley outright using the premium currency. You can get enough premium currency via the $10 minimum bundle if that is something you wish to consider.

If you intend to complete unlock and get Gley the traditional way, below you’ll find a table of all major parts you need. It is fitted with the materials and their locations to craft the major parts. We’ll also have sections below to elaborate more specifically on all the materials and resources.

Gley Enhanced Cells246 Monad Shards, 430 Silicon, 38 Cooling Metallic Foils, 1 Gley Enhanced Cells BlueprintBring all parts to the Research Station on Albion. Takes 8 hours to craft the part.
Cley Stabilizer519 Metal Accelerants, 292 Flectorite, 60 Complex Carbonm Activators, 1 Gley Stabilizer BlueprintBring all parts to the Research Station on Albion. Takes 8 hours to craft the part.
Gley Spiral Catalyst363 Nonopolymers, 408 Ceramic Composites, 99 Synthetic Artificial Biometals, 1 Gley Spiral Catalyst Blueprint.Bring all parts to the Research Station on Albion. Takes 8 hours to craft the part.
Gley CodeAmorphous Material patterns 2, 69, 124 or from Agna Desert Void Fusion Reactor. Amorphous Material 2 comes from Grave Walker normal, 69 from Dead Bride hard mode, and 124 from Molten Fortress hard more.

Be advised that the game requires various Operation map unlocks to complete. Make sure to progress the main story through Kingston, all the way to Fortress. Nearly every zone offers a resource via its Munition and Resource Box spawns. Check for caves, cover, buildings and other POIS, as they often hide Munition and Resource boxes everywhere.

Some maps and missions allow chances to get Amorphous Material useful for code or blueprint schematics. In some instances, you may have better chances to get the Amorphous Materials by completing the Interceptor missions. You may need to farm XP to reach some of the Interceptor mission-level requirements. If that’s not for you, some Materials drop Void Reactors. To start those missions, you need to destroy Void Fragments to collect Void Shards. You then spend them Void Shards on Fusion Reactor missions. Be flexible with your ways to get the Amorphous Materials as they are drop-dependant, and then the blueprints you need also drop chances inside those materials anyway. This is where the main grind takes place.

How to get Gley’s Enhanced Cells part in The First Descendant

Enhanced Cells Materials Location
246x Monad ShardResource and munition boxes in Kingston.
430x SiliconResource and munition boxes in Echo Swamp
38x Cooling Metallic FoilWhite Gulch’s Encrypted Vaults and Encrypted Storage Boxes.
Gley Enhanced Cells BlueprintAmorphous Materials: 12 from Stunning Beauty boss, AM 53 from Hanged Man intercept battle, AM 66 from Dead Bride hard Intercept battle, and Hard mode Fortress’ Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor in the Fortress Fallen Ark.

Note that the Descendant, Enzo, has a passive that allows you to get into the Precise Encrypted Vaults. Therefore, playing with or as that Descendant offers more loot rewards. You may consider crafting Enzo, or purchasing him from the store to assist with other mid to late-game Descendant crafts.

Outside of that, be ready to do many Interceptor missions, look for more orange boxes around Echo Swamp and Kingston, and you should progress through this with decent speed. There is quite a bit of luck related to the Materials though to get the blueprint, which is largely the hardest part of acquiring this part. 

You will need to farm lots of Munition Boxes, so make sure to check behind walls, cover, rocks and other spaces to make farming these resources easier. Image capture via Video Gamer.

How to get Gley’s Stabilizer part in The First Descendant

Stabilizer MaterialsLocation
519x Metal AccelerantSterile Land munition and resource boxes.
292x FlectoriteWhite-night Gulch munition and resource boxes.
60x Complex Carbon ActivatorEcho Swamp missions: Seed Vault and The Chapel on normal or hard.
Gley Stabilizer BlueprintAmorphous Materials: 115 from Frost Walker hard mode Interceptor mission. Normal Vesper Fusion Reactor in the ruins. Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor in Echo Swamp Derlict Covert area on hard mode, or Void Fusion Reactor in the frozen valley on normal mode.

Metal Accelrants are fairly easy to find by running around the Sterile Land map. Look for resource boxes and munition boxes around the map to get the materials. There’s a really dense spot around the base in the Restricted Area of Sterile Lands near the fire Void Fragment mission if you’re struggling to find them.

After that get to White-Night Gulch, where more resources and munitions can give Flectorite, Note the loot is shared with Ceramics, which is used for the Spiral Catalyst part too. So, you’ll need to farm this area quite a lot.

Echo Sweamp is another location you need to go to, as two repeatable missions award Complex Carbon Acrivators. Bring your AOE Descendant to make the mission timers not as long so you can easily progress through the missions.

As for the Blueprint, you want to either farm the Interceptor Mission or complete the Void Fusion Reactor missions. Again, this is a big grind for the Echo Swamp area.

How to get Gley’s Spiral Catalyst part in The First Descendant

Spiral Catalyst MaterialsLocations
363x NanopolymersAgna Desert Resource and Munition boxes.
408x Ceramic CompositesWhite-night Gulch munition and resource boxes.
99x Synthesized Artificial BiometalAgna Desert missions like The Storage Void Fusion Reactor, Vermillion Wastes and Miragestone’s  Vulgus Strategic Outpost events. 
Gley Spiral Catalyst BlueprintAmprhous Materials: 50 from Hanged Man Interceptor Battle and 78 from Hard Devourer Interceptor Battle. You can also get it from Void Fusion Reactor in Miragesstone in Afgna Desrt, or hard mode White-night Gulch’s Abyssal Void Reactor in the Mountaintops area.

You will need to have unlocked the Agna Desert and White-night Gulch Operation map for this, as you can only get Nanoplymers by looting the  Agna Desert resource and munition boxes. Furthermore, you can only get Ceramic Composites from the White-night Gulch boxes. Be advised that these boxes are once again located around pathways, ledges, cave, bases, cover spots, so keep your eyes peeled while looking around for the orange boxes you see lying around and shoot or interact with them for their resources. Be advised you can also get Flectorite, which is needed for the Stabilizer part. too.

After that, you can easily farm the Synthesized Artificial Biometals via the Strategic outpost missions. On your area map, you can see the Outpost icon, typically with a timer till the next event can start. Hang around these areas, engage the relay start the mission and farm them till you get enough resources.

As for the Blueprint, you either need to farm Void Fragments to activate the Void Reactor or once again farm Miragestone’s Strategic Outpost similarly to how you farm Biometals for the previous task.

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