How to Choose the Best Class in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Choose the Best Class in Final Fantasy XIV Staff Updated on by

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With so many new players logging in to Final Fantasy XIV for the first time, it’s a given that just as many, if not more characters will also be created during this time. Especially with how frequently new updates have been dropping. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2023-11-28 

However, the one thing that’s on every player’s mind every time they even think of creating a new character is which class that character should have. After all, there are so many distinct classes to pick from, and a beginner especially might have some trouble determining which class will be the best for them.

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To help every player who has found themselves in this predicament, we’re here to go through some tips that will help you choose the best class in FFXIV for your character.

What Role do You Want Your Character to Be in FFXIV

The first thing you need to do before picking a class is to determine the role you want your character to have. There are three roles in this game, those being tank, DPS, and healer.


The classes that fall in the tanks category are:

  • Gladiator (Paladin)
  • Marauder (Warrior)
  • Dark Knight
  • Gunbreaker


The classes that fall in the healer category are

  • Arcanist (Scholar)
  • Conjurer (White Mage)
  • Astrologian 
  • Sage


Now, there are three different types of DPS roles, because of which the classes that fall into those categories are also different.

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  • Melee DPS: Samurai, Rogue (Ninja), Lancer (Dragoon), Pugilist (Monk), Reaper 
  • Physical Ranged DPS: Archer (Bard), Dancer, Machinist 
  • Magical Ranged DPS: Arcanist (Summoner), Thaumaturge (Black Mage), Red Mage, Blue Mage (Limited Job)

Of course, it isn’t necessary for you to pick a class that falls in the role you want your character to be because of the freedom of choice present in this game (the player is able to take up the role of every single class and isn’t restricted to a particular one), every class still has certain attributes that compliment their assigned role better.

For the DPS role especially, because there are multiple different types of DPS roles you can take, you first have to determine HOW you want to deal damage moving on. Whether you want to deal close range melee damage, ranged physical damage, or ranged magical damage.

Are You a Beginner in FFXIV

The second thing that’ll affect your choice of character class is whether or not you’re a beginner to FFXIV or even MMORPGs in general. There are certain classes that are definitely more beginner friendly than others.

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The one thing most players want to do when starting out a game like Final Fantasy XIV is to be able to deal heavy amounts of damage to enemies. After all, who doesn’t want to be the damage dealer for their team?

If you’re like this, then we suggest you go for one of the two classes mentioned below.

Lancer (Dragoon)

Fast paced combat, high mobility, and excellent defense. This class is the dream of any traditional RPG player because of its ability to string excellent and fast paced combos on the fly.

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No, literally on the fly because of the speed and jumping attacks, it can deal in between extremely damaging melee attacks.

Gladiator (Paladin)

Up next is probably the easiest melee damage based class to master for beginners. Not only does it offer players rather straightforward yet adaptable abilities (both damage dealing and defensive), but it also gives them the choice to heal both themselves as well as their teammates in the midst of battle.

Final Thoughts

Now, just because we mentioned the lancer and gladiator classes doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the only beginner-friendly classes. On the contrary, the conjurer, white mage, and archer classes are also solid picks for beginners. However, in the end, it all depends on the player and how they want to play the game.