How to join a friend’s gym in Hoops Life

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Wondering how to join a friend’s gym in Hoops Life? Though Hoops Life offers a perfectly good single player experience where you play against random strangers, you can also team up with friends for a more social experience. You can even join their gym for 3v3 matches and much more.

We’ll walk you through how to dunk in Hoops Life. For more guides covering Hoops Life, check out how to pass on controller (both PS4/PS5 and Xbox), how to dunk in Hoops life, and be sure to redeem all the latest Hoops Life codes, including free XP, coins, spins, and much more.

How to join a gym in Hoops Life

To join a friend’s gym in Hoops Life, type ‘/follow’ plus their username into the chat box in the top right corner, then tap enter. For example, if their username is Players123, you would type ‘/follow Players 123’, then hit the enter key. This will immediately load you into their gym. If your friend then enters their My Gym, you’ll then be able to play together.

How to join a Squad in Hoops Life

To join a squad in Hoops Life, tap M on your keyboard, then enter the squad ID into the Party ID text box and then click on Join Party. If you want to create a party, enter a code of your choice into the Code text box on the right of the same menu, share with your friends, and get them to enter it into the Party ID box on the left and hit Join Party.

That’s all you need to know to go about learning how to join a friend’s gym in Hoops Life. If you also dabble in other popular Roblox games, we also have guides covering all the latest GPO codes, Fruit Battlegrounds codes, Project Slayers codes, Anime Power Tycoon codes, Da Hood codes, King Legacy codes, Shadovis RPG codes, and Shindo Life codes. These pages are updated regularly with all the latest, active codes so you’ll never miss any of the freebies going for each of these games.

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