Helldivers 2 Reinforce not working – How to fix bug and use code

Helldivers 2 Reinforce not working – How to fix bug and use code
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If your allies are knocked out by an enemy or friendly fire, you need to know how to revive them with Helldivers 2’s reinforce code. Read on to learn how to use the reinforce stratagem in combat. While some players may face a bug while reinforcing teammates, we’ve got some fixes for that as well.

✓ At a Glance
  • Use the Reinforce code Up, Down, Right, Left, Up to activate the stratagem.

How to fix Helldivers 2 ‘reinforce not working’ error

Players report not being able to respawn when the game thinks you’re still alive while you have been knocked out. It’s an annoying error that can jeopardize a Helldivers 2 run with randoms or friends. I’ve spent a match just typing texts as my allies ran from a Bile Titan. Reinforce beacons just weren’t getting the job done. Here are some ways to resolve this error in Helldivers 2:

  • Wait for some time in the match: When I faced this issue, simply waiting for a minute or two allowed the game to register me as defeated. This then let an ally use the reinforce stratagem to revive me.
  • Restart the game: Restarting the game can fix minor issues so consider relaunching it. Keeping the game on the latest update from Arrowhead Game Studios can also help minimize this issue.
  • Recheck your internet connection and VPN: An unsteady network can slow down your game and result in errors. So try a VPN reset and recheck your internet to ensure that the issue is not on your end.
  • Disable Steam input or remove your controller on PC: Helldivers 2 players have reported facing issues while loading up the game if they use a controller. To resolve this, head to the ‘Controller’ tab in the game’s ‘Properties’ menu. Here, select ‘Disable Steam input’ and relaunch the game.

How to revive teammates in Helldivers 2

Hold the Ctrl key to bring up the stratagems menu in Helldivers 2. Here, input the Reinforce code of Up, Down, Right, Left, Up on the D-Pad to activate the stratagem in Helldivers 2. Drop this orb and it will call in a Hellpod with a defeated ally, bringing them back into the fight. The method is similar to calling in other stratagems or support weapons against the Terminids and Automatons.

This is essential while facing enemies on tougher Helldivers 2 difficulty levels. It can also be used as a bomb drop to kill enemies like the Bile Titan. Here are some limits placed on reinforcing teammates in Helldivers 2:

  • If you run out of revives, a timer ticks to let you know when the next revive will be available. This makes matches even more tense so be mindful of how often you use revives.
  • Once the mission timer runs out, you won’t be able to reinforce teammates with the stratagem code.
  • Automaton jammers and Ion Storms can prevent you from using stratagems in general.

Can you accidentally spend a reinforce code?

No, the game will automatically disable this stratagem if you have a full squad. Even if one member is dead and two players use the Reinforce stratagem, only one of them is counted. This means that you don’t have to overthink using this option to return your gang to full strength. If you need more revives or quicker reinforcements, some boosters in Helldivers 2 like Flexible Reinforcement Budget offer the latter.