Is Helldivers 2 on PS4 – why we think it’s skipping last-gen consoles

Is Helldivers 2 on PS4 – why we think it’s skipping last-gen consoles
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Looking for Helldivers 2 on PS4?

The latest shooter from Arrowhead Games has finally arrived for PlayStation and PC players. Some gamers are wondering if the PS4 also has access to the title as the original was available on the last-gen console almost a decade ago.

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Is Helldivers 2 available on PS4

No, Helldivers 2 is only on PS5 and PC. While the previous title released on PS4 and PS Vita, things have changed after almost a decade. The PS4 isn’t getting access to the new title for a variety of reasons. Being built for the PS5 and PC allows Helldivers 2 to have a massive leap in visual fidelity. The aging PS4 and PS4 Pro would have imposed hardware limitations that would have forced developer Arrowhead Games to scale back their ambitious title.

Being released on current-gen platforms allows Helldivers 2 to provide a modern experience with the bells and whistles that gamers have come to expect. And since the new title abandons the top-down approach, things need to look crystal clear, be it enemies or environments.

That covers if Helldivers 2 is on the old PS console. For more on the game, check out our Helldivers 2 multiplayer guide and if Helldivers 2 has anti-cheat. Despite switching to a third-person view, the game retains the tight tactical combat of its predecessor. And with a new Galactic War governing things, it’s definitely worth upgrading your gear for it.

Helldivers 2 PS4 FAQs

Can players expect Helldivers 2 to arrive on the PS4 later on?

No, the game will not be coming to the older PS4 console.

Does Helldivers 2 require a PS+ subscription to play on PS5?

Yes, you need it to access its online components.